​​​​15 Things Men Wish You Knew About Sex, Love And Relationship

“If Only She Knew”

Introducing: 15 Things Modern Men Wish You Knew About Love, Dating And Intimacy


Thing #1: Why Men Pull Away When ‘Things’ Are Just Starting To Get Good…

#8: The Single Most Important Thing A Man Wants From You

10: Three Guaranteed Love-Switches In Modern Male Psychology

#12: What Men Believe About Falling In Love, Being In Love And Staying In Love

#13: How Fast You Should Pursue Emotional Involvement

And #15: The One Thing That Men Want Support On Before They’ll Invest


These Are The Things Men Wish They Could Confess About Their Real Needs In Sex, Love and Relationship

It’s all in this Special Report for:

Self-Love > Matchmaking > Dating Success > Emotional Involvement > Authentic Relationship.

Insights gleaned from several years of coaching women on how to understand and connect with the modern man with real-world results like these:

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‘Before’ (March 9, 2016)

“I realize I’m just too lonely. And I’m finding that I have to occupy myself more often to stop feeling this way. Ugh! …Oh gosh! I feel embarrassed about all this emotional feeling.” – Mandy


‘After’ (March 31, 2016)

“Right now, I think I can tell someone that I know what love is. Now that I feel I’m accomplishing some part of my life, I am thrilled to work on my next step.” – Mandy

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15-things-cover-2My 37-page easy-read report shows you in no uncertain terms:

  • The 3 dating types that cause men to lose hope and pull away
  • 4 simple tips that fulfill 80% of men’s dating desires (and no, it’s not about sex)
  • 5 emotional experiences men need before they can commit
  • 3 advanced tips that nurture authentic intimacy from the start

“After a string of failed relationships I want to learn how to connect on a deeper level than just physical appearances or similar tastes. I’m not getting any younger & so I want to learn how to find a match… I have so much to give but that usually ends up being the problem, I give & the guy takes & I get taken for a ride, so I need to learn to be stronger too.” – Ashley

If you relate:

The 15 Things shared in the report will help you attract authentic intimacy, not just dates, while leading you into a new world of emotional connection with modern man — FREE of heartbreak, confusion or wasted time.

Receive the 15 Things Special Report PDF file and become one of the most man-savvy women in the modern dating scene today.


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“Where were you in my earlier life. Everything you say is like a band aid but such a good one… I feel like ‘oh that makes total sense’ and I feel good about it. Seriously if I was rich you’d be my life coach for life! Unless berry smoothies are your thing…” – Liz

“I am very very impressed with the content. I can’t even imagine how life changing it can be for a woman. Only now I see how important [this is] for building connection…” – Anna

“I found a lot of subjects that I know and understand well finally!! Because of our discussions! I really feel the difference between now and before our 4 months communication, in how I see men and women in a lot of types of relation. It was SO helpful!”- Ella

Fabricia is an old friend who messaged me saying:

“I was reading your articles and thought, oh dear, Gav got this so right… About men being emotionally involved, sex relations with emotion, women fast to commit but not giving time to men. There is plenty you got right but only now I can correlate, as I have felt it in my new relationship. When I read them before I felt more like ‘ok you can be right or wrong’. But now I feel more right than wrong.

I replied:

“It sounds like maybe I still have a margin for error haha”

Fabricia’s reply:

“It’s possible but you are not really far from reality which is amazing. All those years traveling made you wiser.”

Yes I agree the long-term traveling has opened my eyes to the battle of the sexes and issues involved with achieving authentic intimacy.


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