6 Aggresive Marketing Components

Here are the 6 aspects I have identified over the evolution of marketing on the web since 1998.

They define the 6 main branches off of the Strategy Online Marketing Matrix as shown:


1. Marketing Strategy PLANNING

What Is Your Internet Marketing Strategy?

Internet Marketing Tactics range through vast fields of possibility: From search engine promotion for ranking strategy, to branding strategy, ebooks, to blog and ‘rss’. It’s endless, really..

Step 1 is to develop your plan and become ORGANIZED and EFFICIENT and INFORMED.

Visit the Aggresive Planning page.

2. Target Market RESEARCH

What are your business advertising needs?

If you are looking to convert an off-line business into on-line promotion then seek an seo consultant or search engine marketing firm.

However, the 6 core areas of Internet Marketing Strategy are the same no matter what size your operation. From a one man band, to a international powerhouse.

And if you are working within such a powerhouse, in the Internet Marketing department, then do stick to these pages like cyber-glue. You probably can squeeze a budget to attend internet marketing conferences. (but recently they’ve been over-glorified sales days, so don’t let your boss see my comment or he won’t approve the purchase order.

Visit the Aggressive Research page.

3. Site & Product DEVELOPMENT

Everything you need for massive web based business marketing is covered by these 6 categories of Aggressive Marketing.

The tools I blog about are fully suitable for corporate size market analysis, web site development, and increased web site traffic promotion.

If you are a solo netrepreneur just getting started, stick to this Aggressive Marketing web site like cyber-glue. You will find out how to make money online in the most efficient ways I have found over the past decade.

Everything you need for a massive web based business and online busines marketing is within these here 6 walls… The 6 categories of Internet Marketing Strategy.

Visit the Aggressive Development page.

4. Web Copywriting & CONVERSION

Direct Response Copywriting is my overall passion in marketing.  Everything in busines boils down to the interaction between your marketing message, and your target audience.  It is the words on the page that sells.  Your conversion mechanism must be as tight as possible.

Just a small increase in conversion rates can score big increases in your profit balance.

Visit the Aggressive Conversion page.

5. Increased Web Site TRAFFIC

A note about the ‘dreaded’ search engine promotion. Search engine ranking strategy depends on your aim and budget. NOT! It’s all the same. Just to a differnt scale. Let me explain…

Sure you can outsource if you have the budget for search engine marketing services, but wouldn’t you like to know just exactly where your money is being spent, and to what level of effectiveness. Well with low cost software you can check up on how thoroughly your search engine submissions and tactics are being conducted.

If you’re marketing for small business with some or 100% internet advertising, the exact same software tools will equip you with as much brute force as the big powerhouses.

It’s not the tools, it’s the strategy.

Visit the Aggressive Traffic page.

6. Online Stats (& KPI) TRACKING

Behavioural research of your website traffic will allow you to guide your research and development.  Think of these three factors as interacting with eachother.  Product – Marketing – Numbers.

The tracking allows that relationship to happen.

Visit the Aggressive Tracking page.


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