A Battle Between Corporate Marketing & Entrepreneurial Marketing

With a foot in both worlds… I have seen how small to medium size businesses do online marketing… and I have seen how independent online marketers do it.

They are often battling for the same customer.

And I have to say that there is no clear winner of what works best.

But both can certainly learn a lot from each other.

In SMEs it goes something like this:

Bright spark Marketing Manager finds a new fandangled idea or software. If he could only convince the Director, or find a way to justify the added expense on this quarters… or even this years budget. Through the touchy approval process he runs the gauntlet and after 1 or 2 weeks, hopefully, he may have approval for that 1 new piece of kit or subscription.

Now of course, the Director who approved the purchase order wants to know what ROI they are already getting by next week. Until such can be substantiated, the poor marketing manager couldn’t dream of requested approval for another software application, no matter if it’s better or more up to date.

Meanwhile, the independent online marketer has been using that piece of kit since it was offerred at a discount price when it first launched 6 months ago. He understands that it’s just one tool out of many that he must juggle to achieve the right balance of inlinking, social buzz, lead generation funnel, etc. So when he sees a new shiny service or system, he goes for it. He buys it on the spot with his paypal account or credit card and takes it for a test drive.

The marketing manager must work very hard to create sufficient flexibility in the yearly marketing budget for new services, software, programs or subscriptions.

The online marketer must learn to validate each purchase, through tracking money and time invested with an effort to measure the success of each tactic.

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