About Gavriel and the New World Experience Economy

I’m often questioned on how I can work in marketing for ‘the corporation’ of consumerism which apparently is devoid of humanity…


Understand that business means ‘value exchange’, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s what a moral society is based on.


Yes of course today’s world is in a shambles: political power, unnecessary poverty and neurotic psychology.


Business is the solution…

I spend my days plotting and scheming to influence the rise of a new world based on the 3 P’s of Globalisation: protection, pleasure and profit.

A better world built through business value creation, marketing innovation, and social responsibility beyond political agenda.

My own ‘art and creativity’ is a ‘systems focused approach to demand generation for business through user-centred service design’.

By exploring this site, whether you’re a startup entrepreneur and technologist or an academically educated socialist, you’ll discover a powerful conclusion.

A new world is coming. A world of health, wealth and freedom.

See a list of recommended info sources.

Read the Futurism page on creating demand in the Experience Economy.

Gavriel’s biography highlights…


  • Will perform Frank R Wallace’s Symphony of the Universe at the age of 100


  • eCommerce Director (consulting) to a Direct Marketing Agency
  • Direct response copywriting for an amazing client
  • Health, Beauty and Anti-Aging eCommerce business takeover as Operational Director


  • Author of the Mayan Calendar for the next 6,000 years: ‘opportunity mixed with challenge’.


  • Service Design through Digital Marketing with Sabio (customer service contact centre solutions)


  • Facilitator of Life Direction and Productivity workshops internationally
  • Re-launch of Survival2020.com Collaboration project (with contributing authors from various fields)


  • Start of 20 months travel: 14 months across South and Central America then 6 months in Canada
  • Author of the white paper: Invisible Team Performance
  • Author of the white paper: Marketing Project Management
  • Creator of the 7 Meetings for Invisible Team Management
  • Affiliate marketer achieving top 7 position in a large product launch
  • Freelance copywriter including Theory of Constraints client and US mailing house for whom I created a multi-part mailer for a new memory supplement



  • Initiated the marketing department for Digital Look (financial services) until parent company integration
  • Creator of the 7 Steps of Organizing program


  • Creator of the Life Direction Clarifier program
  • At Fuel-It Marketing: SEO Manager (achieving position 3 in Google for the keyword ‘Loan’) and Copywriter (beating the agencies top client email campaigns by 510%)
  • Author of the white paper: Maximum Team Performance, version 1


  • Author of the Missing Principles of Mind Control Handbook
  • 14 months travel in South East Asia
  • Freelance marketer and copywriter
  • Author of the Neothink Implant Report (for Neothink readers)
  • Creator of the InstaTime Natural Time Management System


  • Senior Presentations Developer at ING Barings, Xerox, Vodafone


  • Author of A Life of Magic


  • Desktop Publishing Operator at Merrill Lynch


  • Back-office Admin for Prebon Marshall Yamane (money broker)
  • Freelance website marketing


  • Author of Folderarchy – organize your life using your computer
  • Freelance website marketing, SEO and email copywriting


  • Bulletin Board Marketing on AOL


  • Acquired Neo-Tech Power!


  • Born in the countryside

Connect with me and let’s build and share the future together.

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