Affiliate Program

Welcome to Affiliate Program Application Page for:

  • Crystal Clarity — life direction, resilient resolutions, and living true to purpose
  • Rapid Resilience — building mental and emotional resilience for life
  • The Intimacy Code — nurturing authentic intimacy for resilient relationships
  • Resilient Prepper — the mental and emotional stamina needed to survive economic and social decline
  • And more

About The Program

From past experience as a Corporate Marketing Professional and dedicated affiliate marketer, I provide first-class affiliate support for win-win partnership.

The most important point from my view is that I can tailor solutions to best serve your particular audience.

This means I will take your input and requests for new marketing collateral and make adjustments to maximize our results. For example:

  • I can write guests posts or email swipe copy with a specific topic of your choosing to help suit your audience.
  • I am constantly looking to split-test and refine my sales funnels and open to your suggestions.
  • I can also create custom landing pages on my site with your details (photo, name, messaging) to show joint branding.
  • As my subscriber and customer lists grow I am likely to cross-pomote my affiliate partners if you happen to have a website you want traffic sent to.


If you already have a subscriber list or social followers for any areas of personal development, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Contact me and let me know a little bit about your set up, your list, and your interest for promoting my programs.  I will be get back in touch right away.