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7 Steps of Organizing:

The 7-step formula giving you a permanent skill to organize anything super-fast and with total confidence such as events, projects, studies or the home.


Life Direction Clarifier

Remember your forgotten life goals and dreams? Now you have a comprehensive program to identify exactly what will make you super-happy… detoxify negative elements in your life… and help manage your focus towards the lifestyle you want and deserve.


The Folderarchy Solution

Organize your life with this simple technique using your computer with a permament collection of all your hobbies, projects, interests, responsibilities and memories. Easily achieve full grasp on all important areas of your life, auto-magically organized, and always available at the click of a button.


Insta-Time Natural Time Management System

Drop all those bad time management habits learned from old and obsolete information. Enjoy the natural approach to complete yet flexible and intuitive time management.


Procrastination Stoppers

Cut through procrastination with confidence.


Missing Principles Handbook

Revealing the secret principles of mind control that outcompete and obsolete most self-help, giving you the structured approach to controlling your mind. Never before have the principles of creating lasting life success been so effectively captured in such an emotionally memorable way. Most people re-read this concise handbook numerous times as they reach greater clarity and mind-control.


Neothink Implant Report

Private report for “Neothink Readers” only.


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To Profit From ‘Efficient Lifestyle’ Trends & The ‘Career Development’ Industry

There’s a lot of money on the table, because everyone wants greater success in career and life – and as technology advances, career satisfaction through efficiency will be the grand master key for success.

Help me spread these incredible breakthroughs and I’ll pay you in kind… along with my support as an online marketer and product promotion writer.

  • I’ve worked in the advertising industry and beat ad agency e-mail promotions by 610% right before their eyes.
  • I am dedicated to the spread of my products on efficient lifestyles and career progress.
  • And I’m going to profit from it big time.

You can take a nice piece of that pie by working with me. This site provides affiliate resources and recommendations for promoting the Cosmic Buzz network product range. You earn money by promoting our products and services for ‘organized living’.

When you become an affiliate, here’s what happens…

You’ll earn between 20% and 100% commission on each sale you make. Most of the products will give you a 40% commission.

The Partner Program goes way beyond the norm

  • Reliable 3rd party affiliate management software considered to be one of the most trusted programs in the business
  • An array of marketing media including banners, text ads, e-mails, articles and more. All ready to place on your site today!
  • Expanding product range
  • Commission paid on the 15th of every month through PayPal or whenever ClickBank cuts their checks
  • Periodic affiliate newsletter to keep you on top of all new products and marketing tools along with tips to help maximize your sales
  • Real time tracking and reporting through your own personal affiliate control panel – You can even set up tracking links and see how well each of your campaigns does. It’s super easy and very interesting to watch.
  • Instant notification via e-mail every time you make a sale – tells you what you sold – how much commission you earned
  • Dedicated, accessible and friendly: Partner Support to provide ongoing assistance and answer your questions
  • Plus, it’s free to join!

Start Earning Money Now, And Get Marketing Support From Me

I will be working with you at every step of the way that you want to bring my experience of the advertising and marketing industry to yours and my bank accounts.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

A method of drawing traffic so that others can promote your products for a commission. I.e. the affiliate does not need to create a product or service customers. The affiliate simply spreads their affiliate link, and get’s paid when someone buys the company’s products.

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