Access to the Success-Matrix Mind-Maps

Success-Matrix-clipIf you track the progress of my projects, you might have wondered the same question I often get asked.

How am I doing this?

My friend Mr Spence would say it’s because of my ‘psychological type’.

On personality type tests I usually score the same type, which is technically called a  Mastermind INTJ Rational (think ‘analytical nerd’).

Without boring you with the details it means that I personally love to deal with lots of details.

The profile says that in my early life I start off as very outgoing, curious etc, and then I hit a wall when I realize I’m different, and I become extremely introverted.

Very true.

The Success-Matrix is available to the public, and you don’t need to be a boring analytical type like me.

Whether you’re a person of power and influence, goodwill and contribution, or a bubbly go-getter, you’ll treasure it.

If you haven’t gained access to the 5 Success-Matrix maps yet, visit the survival2020 homepage.

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Gavriel Shaw

Gavriel is a resilience mentor, coach and counselor for holistic life management, heart coherence, and authentic intimacy, using the combined modalities of mBIT (multi-brain integration technique), HeartMath, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), EFT (emotional freedom technique), somatic focusing, and more.

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