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You too can attract deeply intimate connection with the blissful feeling of a care-free holiday romance.

Having coached singles (mostly women) for many years, along with a personal commitment to authentic open communication in each of my own relationships, I guide clients through one specific area of modern dating and courtship… Understanding Male Intimacy. Most women I coach already know plenty of ‘dating tips and techniques’. What’s missing is a full […]

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Prepare Your Resilience To Survive And Thrive The Smashup Of Our Economic, Political And Social Structure

  Your skin crawls… There’s no time to lose. Your mind rushes through the survival protocol you’ve rehearsed a hundred times in your head. Get the family together. Check the local store for final provisions. Batten down the hatches. Grab the bugout bags and check the inventory list. The economy has crashed. The government has […]

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How To Communicate Your Sexual Needs & More – Interview with Sex Therapist Dr. Teesha Morgan

Dr. Teesha Morgan is a well known, highly trained, and experieced Couples Counsellor and Sex Therapist. Through the use of cognitive-behavioural techniques and effective communication strategies, she believes that anyone is able to achieve the kind of deep relationship connection, and sexual satisfaction, that they have always imagined. Dr. Morgan helps to address issues such […]

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Sustaining Relationship Despite Big Leaps In Personal Growth – Interview with Midori Verity

  Midori has spent more than a decade studying interpersonal, cognitive and behavioral psychology, and couples therapy. Studying actual couples, dissecting how they communicate and interact, revealing practical, real life suggestions and tips for modern relationships. Being together for 30 years, Midori and her husband have clearly figured out the success formula to a wonderful […]

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Challenges of Mid-Life Dating & New Relationships – Interview with Over 40’s Dating Coach Ronnie Ryan

Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan woke up on a cold January morning (her 40th birthday) to realize she might be single for the rest of her life. But with a change of heart she went after her dream and dated 30 men in 15 months to meet her husband Paul. For the last 15 years, Ronnie has shared what […]

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Emotional Involvement After A Divorce – Interview with Divorce Coach Lori Rubenstein

From 18 years as a divorce attorney-mediator, Lori’s passion for helping others led her down the path of relationship and divorce coaching, where she realized forgiveness was the cornerstone of all her healing work. Lori is a champion for her clients to uncover their best, most authentic self…regardless of the obstacles that get in life’s […]

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