I was blind but now I see. Here’s why the future is all about IoT

Everything is about to change. 

Any film depicting future technology is about to seem more real than science fiction. 

And it will happen fast. I’m talking 5 to 10 years fast. 

All new gadgets will talk to each other via the Internet. And soon, they will communicate faster than the speed of thought via quantum communication. 

And you will be at the centre of it all. 

Your entire life experience will be influenced via your devices. 

Your phone will eventually disappear completely. 

Replaced by bendy screens or high-definition virtual projections. 

Work will move from computer screens to virtual environments. 

Filters will help keep you sane through tight controls on the flow of information that reaches you. 

In fact, your smart devices will handle many of life’s daily chores, such as grocery shopping, financial management, even investments. 

Some of these things already exist. Augmented Reality. Robo-Investment apps. But like a giant puzzle the picture has not yet become clear. The impact on our lives today is small. The geometric projection over the next decade will be vast. 

Freer. Happier. Oh.. and healthier!

Your devices will help optimise your health for peak vitality, hormone levels, energy, rejuvenation.

Life will get better and better and better. 

Governments will re-shape to their intended function of protecting each individual from harm. 

Local small governments will help manage micro-communities, allowing cultures to flourish. 

Life will feel ‘gamified’ as work experience blends with creativity, learning, experimentation. 

Taxes will reduce to small user-fees as social programs are optimised via decentralised ecosystems. 

Payments will become essentially free as distributed ledger technologies replace old central banking systems. 

The burden of debt will evaporate. Economies will boom. Work hours will reduce, yet productivity will soar. 

These are just a few of my favourite things about our rapidly approaching future. 

It kind of feels like we’re stuck in the twilight zone, neither night, nor day. Feeling the negative pressures of the past and glimpsing the unbelievable goodness of a possible future. 

Each of us will create our own apps using zero-code platforms to help us manage and optimise the nuances of our life. 

Connecting our rituals with our values with our social circle with our long-term goals, with our urgent priorities for success and satisfaction. 

If this all seems like a pipe dream, look beyond your current job routine. Explore the references below and the puzzle picture starts to become obvious. 

The Internet of Things will birth The Internet of Value. 

Value not measured in corporate profits. But value measured by a renewed global commitment to the human happiness index. 


Free Private Cities can help solve the societal ills that currently plague so many countries. https://freeprivatecities.com/

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[Video] Opening Keynote by Christine Lagarde, International Monetary Fund. Singapore FinTech Festival. November 2018 

Starting A Podcast: The Next Big Thing

I’ve wanted to start a podcast for the longest time.

I did start one focused on relationships a few years back and did about 10 interviews. The difficulty of consistency has been my very curious mind jumping from one topic of interest to the next…

So the new podcast ‘The Next Big Thing’ has a very broad scope.

Gadgets and gizmos, health and wellbeing, wealth management and cryptocurrency, personal relationships, lifestyle design, entrepreneurism, and more.

However — to give it a recognisable shape, so it’s not just a random bunch of topics, the one focus point is on the future.

Not the past. Not what people have done before. Not what’s already been created. And not even what’s happening right now today. There are plenty of other podcasts for that.

What I most want to focus on is what’s coming next. Ideas or technologies or challenges or opportunities that we can take advantage of starting today that can help us manage life and create more bliss, for a fantastic future.

The future of life. The future of society. The future of technology. Anything that can or will have a big impact on my life and your life and everyone. The Next Big Thing.

And by the way. I am an eternal optimist. If you are all gloom and doom for society, this podcast will challenge you a lot. If you are lazy or apathetic, this podcast will help kick you into high gear. If you are motivated to create and share in the fruits of labor of a better world then this is the podcast for you.

Some of the episodes will be guest interviews with remarkable people, some might just be me on a personal rant of some sort, others will be conversations with friends.

Subscribe and enjoy the ride into our fantastic future.

Podcast coming soon to the homepage.

Q4 2018: A Place In The Sun

I learned a big lesson this week.

You can be at the right place at the right time but still fail.

I laugh at the quip I once heard: 

Life for the most part is actually quite easy… what makes it difficult tends to be other people! 🙂 

None the less… I’m grateful for every lesson and take full responsibility for every eventuality. 

I’m more empowered by doing so. 

I feel invigorated, focused like never before, and optimistic about my direction. 

I know what I want, I see it, and can almost feel it — as if it were present right now. 

Isn’t that the way of ‘The Secret’? 

I’m progressing in my plans to open a workshop centre. 

A place for all manner of people to attend experiences that will push them to face their personal limitations, in a supportive environment where integrity is more important than excuses. 

A place in the sun. Earthy. Light hearted and jovial at times. Sombre and sobering at others. 

You may know the childhood book ‘Chicken Licken’ in which the Hen claims that ‘the sky is falling’. 

Or perhaps you’re familiar with Joseph Schumpeter’s notion of ‘creative destruction’. 

Either way, the geopolitical tensions that appear to be mounting in different parts of the world are not going to simply dissolve easily. 

We are in for one hell of a storm. 

And you need to be prepared: emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually. 

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Think things will just carry on as normal? Feel your life is stable enough not to be affected? 

Oh think again mon’amis. Think again. 

The complacency and ostrich behaviour of burying your head in the sand by ignoring the signs puts you and loved ones at risk.

The Euro appears to be heading towards the trash can of history. And that means turmoil in the markets. And that means financial pressures. And that means hardship, anguish, and confusion. 

But look on the bright side. A new financial system is building alongside the old, preparing to replace it when needed. That system is based on cryptocurrency. Which is the use of encryption to protect the rights and privacy of people freely exchanging with one another — free of governments and banks. 

September in Georgia (eastern europe) visiting a bitcoin mining centre with guys from Bitcoin.com and Amaury Sachet, lead developer from Bitcoin ABC

We are living in exciting times. And opportunity is overflowing. Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and literally hundreds of other projects are progressing increment by increment towards a new era of value creation and exchange.

Don’t — Get — Left — Behind.

See my article How and Why The Next Wave of Cryptocurrency Growth Will Trigger The Largest Economic Boom in Human History.

“I love my life” — time for relife4

It’s been a long time since I felt like shouting those words.

When things feel right, purposeful, with a clear path ahead, and learnings absorbed from the past.

Despite the strains of a coercive social order, and lunatics running the asylum, progress and opportunity remind me how much I love life.

June 1st 2018 marks the turn of a new leaf.

A project I’ll call relife4.

I’ll be traveling again… but this time deciding on a new long-term home in Central America to live healthy, free, and in collaboration with innovators of blockchain decentralisation.

Updates to follow.