Frank R Wallace's Neo-Tech

Frank R Wallace’s Neo-Tech Discovery of 1990 presented an obvious life philosophy that made simple sense.

Then, FRW’s 1996 Zonpower publication captivated me with its intricate labyrinth and codified my life purpose. You can get it super-cheap here:

Zonpower and Profound Honesty: Dare to Get It All :
Take This Real-Life Journey from Earth’s Anticivilization to the Civilization of the Universe

But every time I read Frank R Wallace’s Neo-Tech 1999 to 2006 writings… The Digital Journey through to Pax Neo-Tech, I’m sent into several days of frustration, curiosity, and inter-dimensional wonder.

This time is no different…

After 6 or so hours of reading his pre-publication releases including Spooky Riches, The Proof, Riches and Romance, Curing Aging and Death, Seize the Power of Satan, etc…

…I slept the night dreaming of conceptual rods of information emanating from the thought-matrix I had read.

The contrast of digital writing to analog, the poignant juxtapositions, the claims to proof both forthcoming and existing that I perhaps could not see or saw and took for self-evident that I did not know I knew them…

I want Spooky Riches. I want Faustian Illuminati Invisibility. I want to profit from dismantling the anticivilisation support structures. I think I have glimpsed partial answers.

Can it really be so obvious?

If so, why then did Wallace write Neo-Tech so seemingly cryptically?

And whilst I rarely read any one thing for more than an hour or so at a time, Wallace’s writings from 1999 to 2006 seem to keep my interest and keep me reading for hours upon hours. His words seem to reach beyond.

My mind eager for such breadth of integration. Stimulating. Riveting. Challenging.

Having dived into another such reading marathon, I finally pull myself away from Wallace’s Neo-Tech to eat, work, rest or sleep but my mind buzzes with new imaginary scenarios and conversation.

The pattern is usually similar and goes something like this.

It starts off basic and simple.

I catch someone doing or saying or asking something normal, even rational from the anticivilisation perspective, but surprising and irrational from a businessdynamics perspective, such as asking:

“Do you want a beer?”

…and my response is integrated and short. Perhaps:

“I don’t drink beer anymore”.

They frown and ask me why not, or what on-earth I mean.

My mind conjures a new contextually appropriate and personally amusing and/or leverageable response. Perhaps:

“Because I am happy”.

That seemingly cryptic comment elicits potentially endless variations of conversation, debate, and even ridicule — which I relish.

My mind conducts deep derivational searches for new comments, new answers a digital-information-rod here or an invisible-anonymous-bullet there… created from my own reflections or plucked from amongst Wallace’s writing’s increasingly embedded in my memory.

This process lets me play with the integrity and utility of my imagined neo-tech responses, buttressed by context, or lock-step adjusted and corrected into wider integration.

Learning to respond… and even guide, or control, the dead populations walking.

Once those imaginations subdue, I begin to reconsider my own body of writings, my information products, looking for how to elevate there value.

It inspires me to re-cast my own creations which sometimes leads to new segments of commercial products in my ongoing development of productivity techniques aimed at whom I call The New Professional… my approach to the Self-Leader Invisible Illuminatus that Wallace posits.

“May we gain the time needed to succeed” – Frank R Wallace

If you’ve read Neo-Tech, have you got my report on the Neo-Think Implant?


Note Oct 2011:
The more I observe… from global travels, esoteric readings, and mainstream media exposure… the more the great works of FRW and now MH come alive…

FRW pointed out historical figures that went mad on grasping the Anticivilization. As did Blaise Pascal before converting to Christianity who wrote: “The eternal silence of these infinite spaces fills me with dread.”What I am ever-searching for is my Archimedean point of leverage to sling-shot around the Anticivilization black-hole for escape velocity into the CofU.Whose with me?I believe MH’s focus on The Prime Law is correct. Various groups identify goodwill, respect, rights of person and property… yet the message gets lost in the debate. So ‘The Point’ must be made crystal clear and inescapable to all within the Anticivilisation: ‘No Initiatory Force’.I believe each of us must accept full self-responsibility for effecting societal change – embedding the Prime Law into mainstream consciousness.

How are you helping?

Have you read “Pax NT” lately?

Beware of distractions.

Get my short report The Neo-Think Implant.

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Gavriel is a resilience mentor, coach and counselor for holistic life management, heart coherence, and authentic intimacy, using the combined modalities of mBIT (multi-brain integration technique), HeartMath, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), EFT (emotional freedom technique), somatic focusing, and more.

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