I was blind but now I see. Here’s why the future is all about IoT

Everything is about to change. 

Any film depicting future technology is about to seem more real than science fiction. 

And it will happen fast. I’m talking 5 to 10 years fast. 

All new gadgets will talk to each other via the Internet. And soon, they will communicate faster than the speed of thought via quantum communication. 

And you will be at the centre of it all. 

Your entire life experience will be influenced via your devices. 

Your phone will eventually disappear completely. 

Replaced by bendy screens or high-definition virtual projections. 

Work will move from computer screens to virtual environments. 

Filters will help keep you sane through tight controls on the flow of information that reaches you. 

In fact, your smart devices will handle many of life’s daily chores, such as grocery shopping, financial management, even investments. 

Some of these things already exist. Augmented Reality. Robo-Investment apps. But like a giant puzzle the picture has not yet become clear. The impact on our lives today is small. The geometric projection over the next decade will be vast. 

Freer. Happier. Oh.. and healthier!

Your devices will help optimise your health for peak vitality, hormone levels, energy, rejuvenation.

Life will get better and better and better. 

Governments will re-shape to their intended function of protecting each individual from harm. 

Local small governments will help manage micro-communities, allowing cultures to flourish. 

Life will feel ‘gamified’ as work experience blends with creativity, learning, experimentation. 

Taxes will reduce to small user-fees as social programs are optimised via decentralised ecosystems. 

Payments will become essentially free as distributed ledger technologies replace old central banking systems. 

The burden of debt will evaporate. Economies will boom. Work hours will reduce, yet productivity will soar. 

These are just a few of my favourite things about our rapidly approaching future. 

It kind of feels like we’re stuck in the twilight zone, neither night, nor day. Feeling the negative pressures of the past and glimpsing the unbelievable goodness of a possible future. 

Each of us will create our own apps using zero-code platforms to help us manage and optimise the nuances of our life. 

Connecting our rituals with our values with our social circle with our long-term goals, with our urgent priorities for success and satisfaction. 

If this all seems like a pipe dream, look beyond your current job routine. Explore the references below and the puzzle picture starts to become obvious. 

The Internet of Things will birth The Internet of Value. 

Value not measured in corporate profits. But value measured by a renewed global commitment to the human happiness index. 


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