February 23


Fantastic Futures

I’ve wanted to start a podcast for the longest time.

I did start one focused on relationships a few years back and did about 10 interviews. The difficulty of consistency has been my very curious mind jumping from one topic of interest to the next…

So the new podcast I have in mind called ‘Fantastic Futures’ has a very broad scope.

Gadgets and gizmos, health and wellbeing, wealth management and cryptocurrency, personal relationships, lifestyle design, entrepreneurism, and more.

However — to give it a recognisable shape, so it’s not just a random bunch of topics, the one focus point is on the future.

Not the past. Not what people have done before. Not what’s already been created. And not even what’s happening right now today. There are plenty of other podcasts for that.

What I most want to focus on is what’s coming next. Ideas or technologies or challenges or opportunities that we can take advantage of starting today that can help us manage life and create more bliss, for a fantastic future.

The future of life. The future of society. The future of technology. Anything that can or will have a big impact on my life and your life and everyone. The Next Big Thing.

And by the way. I am an eternal optimist. If you are all gloom and doom for society, this podcast will challenge you a lot. If you are lazy or apathetic, this podcast will help kick you into high gear. If you are motivated to create and share in the fruits of labor of a better world then this is the podcast for you.

Some of the episodes will be guest interviews with remarkable people, some might just be me on a personal rant of some sort, others will be conversations with friends.

Subscribe and enjoy the ride into our fantastic future.

Podcast coming ‘soon’ to the homepage.


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