April 28


The Torn Marketer

I decided to brand myself 🙂 

But I was torn… 

‘Marketing’ (broadly speaking) is my profession… but after 15-years of bringing home the bacon for clients and companies large and small… what is it really that I do? 

Launch? Growth? Market Research? Risk Mitigation? Product Market Fit? Experience Design? Funnel Optimisation? 

…And, most importantly, how can I include my personal values to remain authentically me? 

After mulling things over I decided that’s exactly how to present myself to remain in integrity. 

“The Torn Marketer” 

I wrote: 

“A marketers mission in today’s geopolitical climate is to build values-based consumer experiences to authentically support health, wealth and happiness for all. Marketers are powerful spin doctors. Buyer beware.” 

Marketing is about influence … Influence involves getting people to change behaviour … Behavioural change depends on belief change … Belief depends on perception. 

The way I make you or your customers think and feel, based on the aesthetics of an ad campaign, has lasting consequences. 

Using data to drive an outcome that can scale a startup has lasting social implications. 

‘The Ethical Marketer’ has been done before. And it doesn’t go deep enough.

I’ve turned down many good career opportunities because the product was not aligned with my values. Pharmaceuticals. Agro-chemicals. Gimmicky health products. Certain financial derivatives (from CFDs to spread betting).

I sought impact. I fell in love with blockchain technology. I believed in the vector of innovation pointing to inclusive social abundance.

And then ‘corona’ happened…

The new Corona Economy may prove to be the most important generational wake-up call of our lives. Things just got a lot more serious than ever before.

Supply chains are broken. Countless small businesses are bankrupt. People are suffering. Many will starve. Some will suicide. The threat of contracting covid-19 for ourselves and loved ones is frightening. This situation affects all of us deeply.

I’m reminded of one of my favourite quotes:

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world (save it) and a desire to enjoy the world (saviour it). This makes it hard to plan the day. “

E. B. White

No matter what type of work you do, what you do matters. Work hard. Contribute your creative gifts. Whether it’s blockchain, supply chain, local farming or community care. Be proud of what you do. You have an impact.

Tomorrow’s leaders are those who can support a new social and economic paradigm to replace the old pre-corona world of globalised, centralised, just-in-time distribution. 

Startups must adapt to fill a void. Companies must jump-start a new economic reality. We need to build momentum. Develop new inertia. 

My forthcoming book The Startup Flywheel, publicly available in draft form at https://coda.io/@cyclic/marketing-book-draft is one way I aim to contribute. 

Let’s start taking our work more seriously than ever before. It can’t be just about fun and frolics, power and profits anymore. It’s about survival and prosperity for all.

The Torn Marketer 


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