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What is the role of content marketing in creating a great customer experience?

David Edelman, Principal at McKinsey, describes the content pipeline and how it needs to both feed and inform interactions across all touchpoints with the customer.

High-budget low-volume content production needs to be displaced by low-budget high-volume content creation, based on the many touchpoints of audience interaction.

The best brand experience throughout the buying process means having opportunities to create content that can be shared as social media.

Brilliant insight on the evolution of social marketing.

Award winning customer service in the social channel

As a judge of the 2013 European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) social media category, I’ve seen behind the curtains of organisations large and small who thought themselves worthy to enter.

Some household big brands, some smaller or niche brands… all putting in great effort to manage both new customer marketing and existing customer service within the social marketplace.

What are the entries judged on? Criteria includes (in my own words): Continue reading

Video Marketing Tips – My Favorite Video Marketing Software

video marketing softwareThis from Josh Bartlett:

You did it…

You just uploaded your first video into your Easy Video Player 2 software…

Then, you clicked a button to create a totally pro-level guru-quality video sales page – all done for you…

…that took less than a minute!

Best Video Marketing Software

Almost immediately, people start
commenting on the video using the
built-in Facebook comments.

People are sharing your video now
because it’s so easy for them to do
with your built-in social sharing…

….and the traffic starts pouring in.

You crack a smile as you watch the stats
lighting up inside your EVP admin panel
because not only are they watching…

…they are BUYING…

…right from the video itself using EVP’s
built-in sales automation tools.

You did it ALL with Easy Video Player 2!

Best Video Marketing Software

You uploaded the video, created a
completely hands-free video sales
page with built-in social sharing,
commenting, and sales automation…

…and you did it without touching a
line of HTML code or writing a word
of sales copy…

You take a second to reply to the
steady stream of tweets on Twitter
about you.

Everybody is talking about how much
they like your video and congratulating
you on your success…

It feels amazing… and it was so much
easier than you thought it would be!

NOW you know why everybody is so
excited about Video Marketing with Easy Video Player 2 software…

…get the Best Video Marketing Software


Online Marketing Productivity Super-Tip

Fellow online marketer,

I have a truly killer tip for you…

Big Business Executives use this master key for maximum productivity, clear thinking, and strategic success.

…In fact:

It’s been used in businesses for the past 150 years – since the days of Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Charles Schwabb.

And now it’s yours too, FREE.

You would never guess what it is…

It’s deadly simple… lets your spend time AWAY from the computer screen… has something to do with trees… and is used daily by corporate professionals, secret-society government officials and Arabian royalty.

As an ex senior corporate marketing manager, I want to give something back to the online marketing community and this simple but powerful tip is my first gift – with more coming soon.

…get the online marketing productivity super-tip


Social Buzz – How important is it? And where can you get some?

I haven’t been this excited about a marketing service application since…. I can’t even remember.

Let me set the scene here:

First, if you are curious about social media marketing, or social buzz, but don’t quite know what all the fuss is about or if you should fuss about it, then take a few moments right now to watch these super cool and important videos:

VIDEO 1: Social Media Revolution – Is Social Media A Fad?

[tubepress tags=”false” video=”sIFYPQjYhv8″]

VIDEO 2: Social Media in Plain English – What it really means…

[tubepress tags=”false” video=”MpIOClX1jPE”]

Ok, now that we’re on the same page I can continue my story:

Over the past couple months I have been tyre-kicking about a dozen software applications that promise automagic hordes of targeted traffic to my website sent on autopilot for all of eternity.

Surprise surprise that not only have the applications turned out not to be what I was promised, but some of them have consumed large portions of my day with the endless frustrations of settings, software bugs, time-outs, updates, etc.

Then I saw a webinar with Charles Heflin as one of the key speakers.

Charles is someone I learned SEO from back in the early days. So his credibility was enough to give me more than just a mere glimmer of hope. Like a manic-depressive I was up in the clouds again, elated by this newly released service that Charles would describe on the webinar.

And frankly, although the content made sense, the presentation was not fantastic. They certainly could benefit from using my copywriting and marketing services to help them better present how significant their new system is.

But none the less, so significant is what they presented that I can now close the chapter on my weeks of research and testing, because I’ve finally found the one thing I’ve been looking for.

Here’s the skinny:

  • SEO now depends on more than just on-site optimisation along with various backlinks. High search engine rankings depends on community experience and social proof.
  • That social proofing now comes via the social networks and social media sites, which Google is now using to rank sites.
  • But getting Social Buzz has, until now, been extremely time consuming, and more than just a bit hit-and-miss.
  • Charles Heflin’s team has once again innovated a contribution to SEO, and now far beyond SEO, for today’s ‘socialised’ web.
  • The new system called Synnd will, dare I say it… automagically draw targeted traffic to your website, whilst increasing your search engine rankings, and do 90% of it on auto-pilot.

If traffic generation is one of the constraints of your online business success, then Synnd will be one of the most important additions to your marketing program.

Check out Synnd now.

Marketing Guide for Therapists and One-to-One Trainers

Marketing for therapists and one-to-one trainers can be a daunting task, yet crucial to build a strong and successful practice.

Too often I’ve met the nicest and most caring therapists, but they’re kind of just getting by with their practice…

  • Unsure about how to approach marketing effectively.
  • Don’t feel they have enough time to dedicate to promotion.
  • Perhaps uncomfortable with self-promotion.
  • And maybe spending a bit too much time with clients without getting paid.

Simply put, not enough clients.

Therapists and trainers are often great at building rapport in person and this strength can be translated to their marketing activity.

I’ve just published a new guide for therapists and one-to-one trainers on rapport-based marketing.

If you are a qualified or aspiring therapist and keen on enhancing your promotional activity, put my guide to the test and let me know how you get on.

Therapy Practice Marketing Guide for Therapists and Trainers

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