"Marketing Words! Advertising Words! Sales Words! All are meaningless and chasing after the wind…"

…lamented King David 3000 years ago.

He should have seen how POWERFUL words are in the 21st century of high-octane commercialism, business capitalism and impulse buy advertising:

If your marketing words don’t sell, you don’t make money

You know it. I know it.

And yet words are one of the most obvious areas of neglect at many businesses, large and small.

'Obvious', that is, to a copywriter... and many savvy marketers, but often not so obvious to Directors.

Company Directors and rushed managers make the mistake of thinking that:

“words are simple. Words are common. Anyone can write the ‘blurb’ for the new product. Give it to the programmer who built the software, or let the marketing manager write the copy. Isn’t that what we pay her for?”

Alas no.

Copywriting is one of the highest paid professions in the world for a very decisive reason

It’s darn difficult!

It takes a great deal of time to do right…

...and is a lot like running a government… (everyone thinks they could do it but almost no one really can.)

But for business management we have courses… degrees… even MBAs.

What do we have for Copywriting?

Underground courses developed themselves by nose-to-the-grind-stone copywriting legends such as Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy, Gene Schwartz…

…plus the painstakingly collected private libraries of past adverts to learn from – and a great willingness to 'test and learn'.

If you want to see a huge change in your marketing campaign ROI...

...if you want to genuinely communicate the value of your product so that your key audience truly gets it...

...if you want to maximise profitability of each and every promotional activity your marketing team ever runs...

...put a direct response copywriter to the test.

Not a branding copywriter for crying out loud!

I said a 'direct response' copywriter!

What’s that?

Get my white paper on how to choose a copywriter and you’ll instantly know more about finding and managing people who can deliver winning copy than most marketing managers and company Directors ever do.

And it’s FREE.

The paper explains how professional marketers and business owners can approach, select, judge, and guide a copywriter by explaining the link between:

  • Business strategy (market definition, segmentation, and targeting)
  • And the copywriter's process of ‘getting inside the head of the customer and delivering compelling sales copy’.

Get the white paper available at the top right of this page.

Your approach to copy development will forever be greatly improved.

Best regards,

Gavriel Shaw
Direct Response Copywriter

The crucial link between your marketing success and your copywriter selection process