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I can’t very well let your competition or mine see my latest and greatest samples, can I?

So these copywriting samples are old…

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This page shows copywriting samples up to 2009 for:

  • Web Promotion Pages
  • White Papers
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Print Ads
  • Sales Literature
  • Email Marketing

Sample: Web Promotion Pages

This example shows how straight forward and simple a promotion page can be.

As an unknown brand, the company branded banner actually reduced conversions by revealing the sales nature of the page. A plain editorial written long copy engaged the visitors and subsequently converted them to sales.


Sample: White Papers

Below is the front cover of a white paper written in late 2007.


You can access my mid 2007 white paper about SEO written for an advertising agency in mid 2007 on the Search Engine Optimisation page (opens in new window).

Sample: Corporate Literature

I’ve written for many clients in varying capacities since 1998. Clients and employers have included:


Here I began to edit the existing company brochure for Vantage Group (the largest independently owned loan brokerage in the UK at the time). I re-wrote the entire thing but unfortunately it was never printed because of the Credit Crunch of August/September 2007.


Sample: Print Ads


B2B back-page ad for the Loan Broker trade magazines for which my Ad Agency client gave me a one hour time limit! Now that’s ridiculous, but they were under pressure to get this done. I didn’t even know what an ‘Individual Voluntary Agreement’ was..

So I ended up billing the client just an hour and a half on something that should have taken much longer. They were very happy with that, and their client approved the advert for release.

To get it done in the shortest time possible I interviewed the Managing Director of the company by phone, and after 25 minutes had enough notes to spend another 1 hour evolving it into the Print Ad copy with all selling points and benefits emphasized.

Not easy in just an hour, and not recommended (the ad could certainly be improved).

It was not my choice of headline (the creative team in the Ad Agency got their way on that one. My original headline was:

Easily Turn IVA Leads Into More Profit

You can open a pdf of the ad in full size.

Sample: Sales Literature / Direct Mail

Loan Company

Magazine flyer insert promoting home owner loans. Since these flyers were being placed in women’s magazines, the concept I proposed was of testimonial type stories being told by happy customers in the style of the magazines the flyer would be placed in… but the client wanted something ‘straightforward and basic’ so that’s what they got.


Health Company

With the nutritional health and personal care company called Neways, I was involved with supporting independent distributors with promotions for direct mail, phone prospecting, live promotion events, face-to-face sales scripts, mail package inserts, presentation scripts and direct sales follow-up scripts.

Below is a ‘done at home’ look for a post card marketing campaign promoting health conscious personal care products in the US for my client who was an independent distributor.

Billboard side…


Face side…


You can download the pdf here.

Sample: Email Marketing


More Copywriting Samples

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