A Love For Crypto

"Cryptography... it's what's going to save us from big brother"... 

...quoted economist J. Orlin Grabbe in his visionary article 'The End of Money', which I read back in 1996.  Little did I know how much those words would mean to me some 20 years later. 

Crypto Marketing

In 2017 I joined the crypto exchange and debit card provider Wirex in the UK as Head of Marketing. A tumultuous time to say the least. Over a year and 3 months I grew the marketing team to 18 (all digital channels, a content team, and a few interns), was one of 7 on the Senior Management Team, and saw the company grow from 5 to 150 staff. 

This was followed by client engagements with a handful of crypto / blockchain related startups, where I fully realised the vital importance of a clear company mission, well defined product vision, and aligned team collaboration

Of course... these are easier claimed than achieved.

Crypto Economy

Here's my high-level overview of the crypto value chain. For wide spread adoption, all pieces of the puzzle need to be developed for various use cases and combined together as a functional ecosystem.

Crypto Challenge

Just as the very first FAX machine ever sold was completely useless (as there was no one else who had one!), the future depends on visionary's to build out the cryptographically secured ecosystem.

I'm not highly technical, but do appreciate the business-side of open-ended platforms that drive user adoption. This diagram is my view on the technical layers involved. 

During the 2-years of 'crypto winter' (2018/2019) savvy blockchain teams took the opportunity to hunker down and learn.

A regulatory framework and new financial infrastructure has been more than hinted. 2020/21 will see a re-birth of public crypto mania. 

Crypto Trading

I took an interest in Technical Analysis in my 20s, studied text books on financial investing, and successfully traded silver options during the early 2010's. 

But that did not prepare me for the random volatility I found in the crypto markets. The life-changing ups and eye-watering downs are details to be shared only after a few stiff drinks. 

Suffice it to say, I love chart analysis, but leave the lower time-frame charts to gamblers. Higher time-frame swing trading is a far more sensible approach. In mid-2019 I wrote 7 Principles for Crypto Trading on my Medium blog.   

Crypto Investing

Finally, investing in ICO's seemed like a much smarter choice than day trading. Buy and HODL. What could go wrong..?

I must have reviewed a couple hundred ICO white papers. I also 'donated' a fair chunk of change... and still waiting for a recovery on some :) 

Ethereum spawned the ICO-mania of 2017/18 with many hundreds, if not thousands of 'utility token' projects... that as it turned out... had no utility.

It's funny but it's also serious. Not just the money part. But the technology. And just as early Internet stocks plunged 95% in value during the 2000s, only to become some of the world's highest price stocks of today, so too will some cryptocurrency / blockchain / distributed ledger / smart contract companies become the high value companies of tomorrow. 

Crypto Future

My role, my aim, my mission, is to support mass market adoption based on genuine utility, enabling the very real promise of security and prosperity for all. Marketing is my weapon of choice. 


Gavriel has a diverse 15 year career in product and marketing. Former job titles include Web Marketing Director, Acquisition Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing, Product Manager, SEO Manager, Product Launch Manager, Copywriter and Chief Marketing Officer.

Gavriel has worked with various cryptocurrency businesses including as CMO for Bitcoin.com in 2018 and was the 5th permanent employee of Wirexapp.com (crypto debit card provider) in 2017, building a team of 18 staff and seeing the company grow from 300k customers to 1.3m in 10 months.
As an outspoken advocate for self sovereign identity, individual rights, and transparent governance, Gavriel’s mission is to help deliver a web3 economy.

His certifications in therapy and resilience coaching (CBT, NLP, EFT, mBIT, and HeartMath) inform his approach to building effective brand strategy, allowing him to develop a deep and intuitive sense of empathy for customer experience.

Raised in London, he enjoys international travel, heart-to-heart conversations about the meaning of life, and sharing visions for a future of global prosperity.

Gavriel is working on his first book on marketing titled The Startup Flywheel, available in public draft form at https://coda.io/@cyclic/marketing-book-draft

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