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Professional Advertising Copywriter Selection


My white paper…

“Exposing the link between your marketing success and your copywriter selection process”

…has a fresh coat of paint.

  • I’ve highlighted my 3-part formula that beat an ad agency by 510% in a split-test.
  • I’ve also included a quote by Claude Hopkins which is probably the first ever identification of an irresistible offer, more recently labelled a ‘mafia offer’.
  • The Research section has also been expanded to include all 5-types of ‘insight’ that your copywriter needs in order to do the best job possible for your campaign.

Here it is:

Professional Advertising Copywriter Selection.

Stay tuned…
…to the most important updates on genrating demand in the experience economy as it’s published. 

Stay tuned to the most important updates on generating demand in the experience economy as it is published.
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