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Traffic Generation Tactic: OnlyWire Social Bookmarking

As part of my Traffic Generation article series…

I will begin by telling you about OnlyWire.

My good buddy living in Thailand, Dan Lew, recently reminded me about this little gem.

Using WordPress it can work for you automatically. Or you can use it manually to bookmark any webpage within your ‘web property portfolio’ to several dozen major bookmarking and social sites.

Instant link-backs. Instant traffic. Fast and Free.

You see, if you were to manually go around to all of those social sites that OnlyWire submits to, you would spend a good chunk of your day doing nothing but that.

Where as OnlyWire gets the job done literally in a few seconds flat.

OnlyWire’s slogan is ‘one button. publish everywhere’.

Check out and make use of OnlyWire.

Stay tuned…
…to the most important updates on genrating demand in the experience economy as it’s published. 

Stay tuned to the most important updates on generating demand in the experience economy as it is published.
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