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A very interesting and useful workshop!. It helped me to understand my feelings and how I can control my negative thoughts and recharge my energies. Gavriel knows how to make people feel comfortable and create an atmosphere where everybody can express their emotions. There were very nice people and we exchanged our experiences. Thank you, Gavriel for sharing your knowledge and thank you to everybody who opened their hearts yesterday. I look forward to the next workshop and I will be listening to my heart and breathing. – Olga


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this workshop. It was an extremely enlightening evening and opened my eyes to things I was completely unaware of. Gavriel is very personable and explains things well. I am looking forward to attending next week. – Jacquie


Personal Growth Workshop: “The energy from everyone was so positive and open, but honest too.  I haven’t been to a gathering of strangers like that in a very long time.

Treela Smith

I have read it and it was interesting, almost as interesting as nouveau tech package of inner circle secrets. Now if I can figure how to apply all of this info.



Dare I state this opinion? Neo-Tech might very well be one of the portals of your knowledge base, but I dare say that you’ve transcended into a new category all together! You writings indicate a synthesis of both knowledge and intent that might well be forcasting a Gestault of the future!



You are really effective at getting my friend to think about things that she needs to work on.  I have been trying that for 20 years ;-P



Thank you Gavriel, I spent another hour reviewing your links and think you are reaching the paydirt of our evolution. … Your folderarchy is a dynamic set of imperatives. And as I vigorously build my own power base I am sure to download later versions to increase my own widening control.



Wow Gav. I cant believe u wrote that. You answered many of my conflicts that I have battled through unconsciously for many years. That article defines the solutions to many things that I have done wrong throughout the years. Great lesson learned. I am going to be reading that over and over again.



Once again, you hit me where I live! All my life I have been rejecting my programming and knew there was a better way



Yes I liked it, I`ve already read neo-tech 3 times, and this is another confimation of what it teaches, I`m still in the process of figuring out the wealth part



I am restructuring my office and living space out of inspiration from your organizing suggestions. Thank you for your excellence and contribution.



I am reading your book, and I can relate to very much of it…  Your folderarchy solution is something I’ve dreamed about all my adult life.  I would like to remain in touch and keep you updated on my progress.  We’ll speak soon.



This is “GREAT STUFF”. I was printing it and the ink cartridge ran out. I printed, folded and stapled the pages into a booklet.  I’ve read thru it once already!! So Exhilarating!!


Teddy Antoine

Gav! Ive been using your folderachy method to organize my website. It’s brilliant. thank you for that!


Caz Coronel

I was intrigued by what appeared to be something different and perhaps more effective then the GTD approach?  It seems your system has a more organic/natural and complete feel to it.



This is bringing tears to my eyes….you have drawn my brain!  I see you also have a philosophy and mathematics/physics background.  This is a true Hurculean effort to bring these concepts to those who weren’t as fortunate to be properfly steered….. The cueing synapsed parts of my brain that I supposed were long atrophied.  These charts alone are a true blessing…..Again, my sincerest thanks.



I have alot of clutter to sort through and have difficulty with decision making. Your attachment looks excellent. I think it will help alot with decision-making and recognizing hurdles. Being set out with small steps I think will help me overcome inertia.



I find your maps to life very useful and enlightening to say the least. You put life in perpective. Once you see it you can see your own life at a glance and will know where you need to improve. I find it very educating. Thank You.


John Mileg

Very very well done! I wish I had found your site a year ago! Thanks to your handbook, I will never be able to hide behind ignorance again. I will know that if I don’t make progress from here it is because I choose inaction. I can tell you put your heart, soul, and brain into it.



I’d like too thank Gavriel for all the assistance he’s provided over the previous 5 Years and continues to provide. His research on most topics has been incredibly inspiring!


Curtis Ah Shay

I simply have to respond to this email, even at this stage. I am amazed at the power projected forth from your words. They were a welcome relief to the regular conversation we have all come to expect in our routine lives. I just had to say that. It felt like it does when you come home after a long and tiresome adventure… I know I know I am getting carried away but had to say it… Thanks for the delivery.


Lana S

Wow, I think Ill read this twice!!


Jesse Hight

..I keep reading all of these crazy books talking about writing down goals and such. My favorite of all time is the Science of Getting Rich.

For some reason my ego thinks that it seems to easy, to good to be true, you know. To just get a clear vision of want you want. I find it hard to really focus on my objectives. Usually, I get glimpses of them, during a certain song or something, but never for long.

The questionnaires are a project. I seem to be able to get to deeper states of focus when I do the questionnaires. I guess because I got something to finish. I don’t really know. But they do good for me. I need to live my dreams, and the questionnaires help me focus on the goals and the steps to complete them.

Thanks Gav, great stuff


D Thompson

The Folderarchy Solution has worked for me over and over again. I am able to be more organized and efficient using this solution.


Barbara Nwosu

This product package is everything it promises and more.

According to Maslow, the highest happiness and fuldillment of purpose is reached when one self actualized.  Your Life Direction Clarifier is fantastic.

I have been able to experience the greatest and most fulfilling life.  More than I could have ever imagined.

By gaining insight into what I truly wanted for myself and not just reaching and achieving goals by society’s standards, i have actualized many experiences that would have taken multiple lifetimes.

My time was not wasted pursuing and achieving a lifestyle that was shallow and not for me.

i recommend this product and I continue to use it to stay on the course of my choosing or choosing another.  That is true freedom.

Thank you Mr. Shaw!


Barbara Nwosu

The implant is working!


Barbara Nwosu

InstaTime is an essential time management tool.  I have used InstaTime for a few years now, but my latest results have been astonishing.

I have so much more time for the pleasure of living harmoniously.

Very few critical “fires” need to be put out or stressing to meet deadlines.  My life is on track and under control.

InstaTime gets better with time.


Barbara Nwosu

This Missing Principles Handbook is better each time I read it.


Barbara Nwosu

I highly recommend this book.  The combination of the Missing Principles Handbook and Mark Joyner’s Simpleology has given me the tools to knock out any obstable with a combination punch.

I have realized my dreams over and over using these tools.

Thanks for giving me the ability and resouces to become an undefeated champion in the ring if life.

I have perfect success and happiness.


Barbara Nwosu

I am doing very well with Folderarchy.  I have bigger dreams and bigger realities. I continue to process and gain greater control. Obstacles are falling away or destroyed. Outside suppression and lack of resouces is decreasing as I become aware of them. My filing system is more integrated and useful. I am exploring myself much more and the fear of defeat has decreased.


Barb Nwosu

Couldn’t refuse an offer to get coaching from a freedom icon like yourself. I’ve known your incredible work for 3+ years, and I’m also reading your newsletters regularly.



Thank You Very much!!!!! I believe these offers + Neothink will equal a much better life for me, as well as a way to put what I have learned from Neothink to better use.



I have received so much from you people. Thank you. I have received 2 e-mails from you and they were loaded. Can I receive more? I sure would like to. Thanks for whatever you do.



The InstaTime system is excellent, I am very impressed Gavriel, I will check out your other products at some time because I am sure that they will be of great help too. Thanks


Chris Freeman

Are you Frank R Wallace?



Your 7 Steps of Organizing has worked for me with astonishing results.


Barbara Nwosu