Forrester Research Shows Trends For Online Marketers

Forrester’s June 2009 study revealed the following primary conclusions:

  • A network of best of breed technologies — what Forrester calls the “online marketing suite” — will support advanced online marketing strategies.
  • Marketers should prepare for the online marketing suite now, as online is becoming an increasingly strategic part of the marketers’ mix.
  • While many marketers struggle to embrace technology today, more successful online marketers prioritize technology investments.
  • Successful marketers will require an online marketing suite that automates and unifies customer insight and action across channels.
  • Firms can prepare for the online marketing suite by growing their agency and vendor relationships, aligning with IT, and creating a long-term data and strategy plan.
  • Marketers emphasize strategy and technology integration as critical skills for the future health of their organization (see Figure 1).