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Have you got the best source of biofeedback device for your needs?

I started on this voyage of using biofeedback device at age 16 with one of the earliest mind-machine, flashing one-tone LEDs and beeping in earphones.

I got into it because if insomnia.

(Coming from a hectic childhood, probably ‘traumatic’ by most psychologists standards, I had become anxsy… it was difficult to switch my brain off, noises or lights in the environment would keep my brain engaged.. But the mind-machine entrainment took my brain down into relaxed states, and I learned how to do it myself from there. The mind-machine literally taught my brain how to fall asleep!)

From there I explored the possibilities of brain synchronisation, learning and creative states, and high performance energization.

Biofeedback Devices Today

Some of today’s machines don’t look all that different in appearance.

But with softer and multi-colored LEDs, dozens of pre-set patterns and programmable variations, training games, and more – where is the best source of biofeedback equipment?

Biofeedback Devices I Recommend

biofeedback device wilddivineOf all the sites I’ve come across and the companies I’ve bought products from, I believe [ ] currently gives the best selection of biofeedback equipment and mind machines. And WildDivine has the best interactive gaming biofeedback devices and software.

Spend enough time on their the [ ] site, and you will soon narrow down the options to the machine that best suits you.

They include products categorised as:

  • Light and Sound mind-machines
  • Biofeedback
  • Audiostrobe

They also have a nice accessories section. Their blog has extensive scientific and experiential documentation. And their shopping cart is easy to use.

Or go for the WildDivine experience instead.

Enjoy your new biofeedback device.

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