Creative Vado

creative vado

I love my Creative Vado

I bought it before my year’s trip through South America and it’s one of my favorite things in my backpack.

I can carry it in my trouser pocket easily just like a mobile phone.

But I have the fire-power of full High Definition digital camcorder capabilities.

In 5 seconds I can have it out of my pocket and recordingā€¦ political action events, sudden accidents, strange social circumstances (I won’t go into detail on that one!), the awe inspiring natural phenomenon, etc.

James Bond has nothing on the Creative Vado.

The image quality is better in my humble opinion to other palmcorders. One poor sap I met whilst traveling had one of the other HD palmcorders and was regretting his decision. I could see why. The lighting was off. The sound wasn’t as good as my creative vado. And it was bulky by comparison.

I suppose you want to see some of my handy work. Oh alright then, before you go ahead and get your own Creative Vado, watch some or all of my first ever video edited on my Mac and recorded on my Vado HD.

creative vado 3[ok ok so I just made this site and I’m in a rush so I’ll come back to add the video soon]

To buy the Creative Vado at the best price with all the assurances of a valid warranty and even a money back guarnatee, I did the research and eventually decided on Amazon.

You can get your creative vado there too. Here’s the link. I’ve got the old version which you can see here. Or you can now get theĀ new version here.

Happy filming.

(updates on creative vado)

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