Get Things Done Fast

This page introduces petal 4 (order) on the flower of manifestation.

Keeping with our ‘dimensions’ metaphor, Dimension 4 is about Efficiency and Priority Management

In the 4th dimension of space-time (as identified by Einstein, rather than yours truly), you act on the plans of your direction through the environmental set-up you have established by getting organized, and you manage your time and plans and processes with efficiency and effectiveness to build the puzzle picture of a Globerati’s success.

Welcome to InstaTime for Natural Time Management.

If you previously got access to InstaTime you can find your download link on Your Links page.

Don’t yet have access?

20110620-120429.jpgcoverDrop all those bad time management habits learned from old and obsolete information.

Enjoy the natural approach to complete yet flexible and intuitive time management.

Visit InstaTime for the Natural Time Management System.

Also available is the 2011 Procrastination Stoppers document.

I also recommend Simpleology for Productivity by Mark Joyner.

Let’s go!

Then Proceed to Dimension 5

Think Beyond Limitations

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