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A Simple, Flexible and Natural Time Management System

time-management-juggle-manHave you already tried?

– 100 different ‘common-sense’ time management ‘techniques’ hoping to find one that really fits.

– Complex time management ‘skills’ that never seem to stick.

– Time management software programs that dazzle you with functionality but don’t feel practical for long-term use.

Some people even try subliminal message / hypnosis audio programs for wishful thinking.

The problem is – all of that fails after a while.

But why?!

And what to do about it?

Between 1998 and 2008 I tried more time management techniques than I care to remember… from dozens of books, 83 software programs, professional training and personal coaching.

testi-instatime-richlA full decade of searching… and I finally came to realize there have only really been three approaches to time management until now:

– Outdated techniques: The 3 big one’s: Prioritize by ‘Importance’ or ‘Urgency’ (creates havoc) Schedule Activities to Time (fails within days), or Weekly To-Do Lists (they only get longer)

– Using complex skill-sets that take months if not years to master – often involving special software.

– Trying to get by just the best you can. (That’s like bucketing out water of a leaking boat hoping it will get you to the shore before it sinks). Sometimes, it works.

Modern life is way too hectic for old time management techniques.. and way too fluid and dynamic for software or complex skill-sets.

So what to do?

The solution isn’t common-sense, but it’s not complicated either.

In fact, it’s so simple and natural that once you set things up this way, you’ll intuitively apply it with ease from now on.

First, you must put a stop to the major leaks of lost time you are experiencing right now. And it can actually be…

100% Pain Free with…

6 Pieces To Natural Time Management

The most surprising thing about natural time management is that the 6 parts snap together like a complete jigsaw-puzzle.

3lattice-hexagonLike this:

This structure is called a ‘hexagonal lattice’. It has a 6 sided shape, and the lines are all joined up… within the structure of a cube.

hexagon-lattice-brokenBut what happens if you remove one side of the lattice…

It doesn’t look right anymore does it?

The pattern is clearly broken.

In a similar way: The 6 parts of InstaTime fit together like a neat and tidy pattern. Without any one of the 6 necessary puzzle pieces, your time ‘lattice’ will not be complete.

That will give you an automatic signal alerting you that your time management is not balanced and that something needs readjusting in your time management plan.

It will then be totally obvious what to fix… and as easy as possible to put that puzzle part back into place.

I call it InstaTime because with the 6 parts in place, you can manage time in an instant.

A system perfected over 12-years of testing with customers, clients and staff.

Time Management has never been so achievable!

In August 2006 I conducted a 30-day time management course and Barbara Nwosu wrote to me afterwards:

testi-bn“Right now, I am extremely happy to have such “Iron Grip” control that I am actually able to enjoy the journey as well as the destination or goal. I am monitoring my mindfulness levels to help me to be in “flow” so I don’t have to waste time or frustrate myself or feel guilty. Because I have the bigger and better picture, I have less fear that I will not have enough time to what I need to do to accomplish my projects and daily activities. I am enjoying my life more than I ever thought possible. Thanks for the enlightened journey,” Barbara Nwosu, Detroit Michigan

Barbara later wrote:

“InstaTime is an essential time management tool. I have used InstaTime for a few years now, but my latest results have been astonishing. I have so much more time for the pleasure of living harmoniously. Very few critical “fires” need to be put out or stressing to meet deadlines. My life is on track and under control. InstaTime gets better with time.”

testi-lc“I would just like you to know, that your time management suggestion is actually working to my astonishment” Leah Cann, Personal Assistant , UK

The InstaTime system is excellent, I am very impressed Gavriel, I will check out your other products at some time because I am sure that they will be of great help too. Thanks – Chris Freeman

With InstaTime, you’ll rapidly take control of things that matter most to you in both personal and professional life.

You’ll also appreciate how blatantly ridiculous and obsolete normal time management techniques are.

Once you’ve been through all 6 puzzle pieces you will no longer be effected by old techniques such as prioritizing by urgency/importance, weekly to-do lists, or scheduling tasks to time.

instatime-cover-aYou’ll be fascinated to see how time management works in modern life. In fact, you’ll have a totally new way of managing time, using:

– 2 factors that combine with the old technique of ‘prioritising by importance’ for modern time management.

– The 6 part jigsaw-puzzle that builds an unbreakable time management system.

– A 900-month file that gives broad perspective on life’s passage of time to help you maximize the opportunity in every moment.

– The 20 or so locations you must consider carefully to achieve complete time management control.

– 5 ‘movements of the mind’ that let you control multiple projects and responsibilities with maximum efficiency.

– The time management landscape concept that has given more people success with time management than any other technique.

– Where to fit solid commitments you have made into your schedule so everything else fits smoothly around them and nothing gets in the way.

– How to manage appointments within a tight schedule.

– Where to fit one-off tasks and ongoing or repeated tasks into your time management system.

– The Localization concept that easily helps you make the most of time wherever you are.

– The _______ concept that forces you into a higher mode of action the moment you even think of it.

– And more.

And you can test it all for 6 months risk-free…
The InstaTime program is available for immediate download at just $27.

What’s more, I’m so confident that everything you need to confidently manage time is already in the program that I’m going to offer you my full personal assistance if you happen to have anything particularly complicated to figure out with your schedule or priority management.

If you have any questions at all about the 6-Steps of InstaTime, simply let me know and I’ll work through it with you.

And you can take 6 months to decide to keep it.

Just follow the clear guidelines. I’m on email daily so I’ll answer any questions fast. That ensures your swift success.

Why am I giving you my time?
The program is so comprehensive and step-by-step already that you’ll only need to talk to me about advanced or very unique personal needs, and that interests me greatly.

That’s why I’m making you such an offer and not charging for my time as a consultant or coach.

You’ll get everything you need in computer files (no need to wait for delivery) and you can download it instantly.

And it goes without saying …

guarantee-stampI’m going to GUARANTEE your satisfaction.

Look, if you are not completely blown away by how much InstaTime helps you manage time… then I INSIST you send my helpdesk an email any time over the next 6 months and you’ll get a fast refund of your purchase price. No hassles, either.

I very much doubt that will happen, but at least you’ve got the risk-free peace of mind. Plus you get to keep the gifts I’ve given you FREE. I can’t be fairer than that can I?

You risk nothing by putting InstaTime to the test because of the money back guarantee, and you have the genuine chance of a new natural approach to time management that has taken 12 years to perfect… along with getting the extra gifts totally free, plus unlimited access to my personal help for your unique time management needs.

cover-instatimeTherefore: I urge you to take the next minute to get registered and access the InstaTime members area immediately.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”YES! I want to put InstaTime to the test.”]

I understand I’ll have access to the complete InstaTime System for only $27 and that I will also get the bonuses including unlimited email access to you for any specific time management issues that I have.

But if I decide the program is not working for me within the next 6 months, I can cancel and get a complete refund – and still keep everything I’ve had up to that point.

On that basis, let me in.

Download InstaTime


Protect your time,


PS #1. Your Time Management is important. Your control of time dictates how much you can do and get in life. InstaTime gives you the skill for modern time management.

PS #2. Guaranteed to work for you. Again, if you find any time during the program that it’s not working for you, or if you find something that works better for you, just drop an email to my helpdesk and you’ll be rushed a full 100% refund. I don’t expect that to happen. But at least that makes it completely risk free for you.

PS #3. – I do realize how valuable this offer is, so as soon as I can’t give any more of my time away Free, I’ll pull the offer. I therefore urge you to act now while I do still have time for you. Won’t you therefore please accept this invitation to massively improve your time management skill with the 6 puzzle pieces of InstaTime?