Largest Internet Traffic Survey Ever

Bradford University in the UK, together with Intellimon (developers of the famous XSitePro website software) are conducting…

The Largest Internet Traffic Survey Ever

And they will publish a report of their findings which will reveal the sweet spots of low cost, highest profitability, easiest to do traffic generation.

Plus, they will be charging $47 for the published results… but by participating in the survey you will receive the product without charge.

Paul Smithson, head honcho at Intellimon says:

“I’ve already seen the initial analysis from the first few thousand people to complete the survey, and the results have seriously created a quantum shift in the way that I think about traffic… When people see the full analysis they’re going to be blown away. There has simply never been anything like this before.”

The research aims to uncover:

– which techniques work best for acquiring traffic
– techniques people struggle with most
– how effective specific tools such as Facebook and Twitter are
– which age/sex/education profile has most/least success with traffic generation
– which geographic locations are best at generating traffic
– how much time people spend on traffic generation
– the best and worst sources of traffic
– how much search engine optimization people actually do
– how effective people feel social media is
… and LOTS more.

Here’s the link again:

Join the largest Internet Traffic Survey ever.

Participate and the published findings will be yours at no charge.


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