Living Forever

I was 16 when I first realised the utter stupidity of dying.

Just a teenage fantasy… like comic super hero’s? 

At 26 I felt the same way.

36? yep.

Now a few years on I am more clear in my conviction than ever before.

In the future — every person on Earth will have the choice of how long they live.

And that future is not. that. far. off.

Before I suggest 'how' living forever is possible... let's first agree on 'why' you might want to live forever.

Boring? Far from it.
Lack of resources? Nah.

Think of your greatest moments in life so far. The joy filled days. Connection, love, accomplishment.

Sensations as simple as the summer breeze against your face.

By removing the negatives in life, our very natural tendencies is towards joy, gratitude, a sense of abundance.

We would never, ever want for that to end.

If surrounded by loved ones.

If free to choose our lifestyles.

If healthy, wealthy and wise.

It seems incredibly foolish to me that many people settle for death and taxes.

The pace of innovation within the biomedical industry will soon have the capability to fully reverse our ageing process.

Within 10 years.

Check out George Church and his work at MIT.

Check out the work of Aubrey de Grey at Cambridge University UK.

There are many more scientists quickly advancing the agenda of radical life extension.

Living Forever will very soon become an option.

Check out my site for the current health protocol — including my Corona Journal.

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