Marketing Services

As an ex senior marketing manager, now freelance consultant, I can probably help your marketing success no matter what size or situation your company currently has.

  • I’ve worked for Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Xerox, Vodafone, and other large enterprises in different capacities for promotion and marketing.
  • black tieMy career has spanned: ad agency copywriter, SEO manager, project manager, sales team trainer, Head of Marketing and more.
  • ThailandI’ve worked on marketing campaigns for brands such as Renault Cars and I’ve run my own information publishing business online since 1999.
  • I’ve also spent 3.5 of the past 6.5 years traveling the globe whilst freelancing.

Here’s a suggestion of service categories available, but if you need something done or want to see business growth then chances are I can either help or know someone who can.

Pipeline Optimization and Strategy

  • Conversion Rates – Maximise lead generation and sales ratios from all that traffic you’re pulling in, with high-converting campaigns managed by a professional sales copywriter.
  • Opportunity Development – If you’re B2B then you know what this means. Taking your leads a step or two closer to a sale. Whether it be through live webinar, special report or case-study sent to them by email or post, etc.

Traffic Tactics

  • SEO is kinda old-hat and boring – But as ex SEO Manager for an advertising agency I know how to pull the strings and get your site ranked well.
  • Social Presence – Setting up your social media presence is key to the future of online marketing and advertising. Let me show you what can be done for effective and efficient brand positioning through social media.
  • Social Reputation – Whether you started it or not, people are talking about your business online, and some of it may be hurting your sales. The Social Reputation service helps monitor, mend and add to the conversation already happening online about your business
  • Mobile Marketing – How many of your customers have a smartphone? Try most of them this year and probably all of them by next year. Enough said. Where you needed a normal website and some SEO previously, you need Mobile Marketing now.

Retainer Options

We can do individual project quotes or some clients like retainer options so here are 3 as an outline:

  • Quick-Fire service – A nominal monthly fee means you or your staff can send me short emails with questions or requests for quick critiques of copy, campaign plans, website traffic problems, etc.
  • Marketing Assistant – I become an outsourced marketing assistant for you and will write some copy and help promote your website using some of the service categories above.
  • Full Monty – My full dedication to work with you and your team. I will get into the heart and soul of your market to help maximise your competitive advantage and help fill your sales pipeline with quality opportunities. I will pursue the constraints in your marketing program and help elevate them one-by-one for a demonstrable results based approach.

My Whitepaper: Marketing Project Management

Free white paper presents a much needed framework for Marketing Project Management…

Today’s efficiencies in Finance, Operations, Distribution, etc… leave a very heavy finger pointing at the marketing function.

As such, Marketing Project Management (MPM) represents a golden opportunity.

The white paper reveals a new framework for creating sustainable and significant competitive advantage through project management applied to marketing.

Get the white paper:

Marketing Project Management.

Marketing is complex and so are the service options on this page, but let me simplify both for you.

Let’s talk.

Contact me to request a proposal, share with me your aspirations for marketing, and then let’s get on the phone to discuss things.