Marketing Strategy

  • Alignment with Corporate Strategy
  • Objectives
  • Money
  • Assets
  • Partners
  • Character and Story Line
  • Pre-sell Pills


The origin of the word Marketing comes from ‘going to market’, relating to taking goods to a street market.

What an absolutely brilliant definition… ‘Going to market’ serves as an umbrella concept for everything required from the marketing function, including collaboration with all other business functions (operations, accounts, client services), as each of those business functions is relevant to taking the companies product or service to the marketplace.

Your marketing objectives must relate to many aspects of ‘going to market’.

What is the ideal outcome of each marketing campaign? – Is it new customer acquisition? Is it back-end funnel profits? Is it opt-in generation? Is it grass roots networking? Is it upsell and/or cross sell?

For each project, ask the question ‘What is the objective here in terms of going to market?’


Are there financial targets for this particular marketing project? If so, what are they exactly?


What assets do you already have that can be used for this marketing project?

Do you already have articles written, pdf reports created, videos made, podcasts available, etc. that can be used as products, bonuses, or Pre-sell Pills (see below)?

What resources do you have that can be leveraged for increasing the ROI of this particular marketing project?


What possible Joint Venture Partners are there that you could leverage a deal with to help with the campaign?

Industry contacts that would offer your Pre-Sell Pills to their database. Affiliates that would join and promote your product. Bloggers that would sing your wares from their rooftops. Subject matter experts that would help you create products or pre-sell pills for a flat fee or royalty.

Who could you contact to become Partners for some aspect of your marketing project?

Characters and Story Line

What is the background story to the marketing campaign? If you want to sell a big ticket back-end product, what is the history of its development? Where did it come from? How did you create it?

What are your (or the products personality) beliefs and values. What do they stand for? What’s important to the character of the story behind the product (hint: they should reflect the beliefs and values of the target audience).

Pre-sell Pills

What enticing valuable information can you provide to attract people to check out your offer, before you hit them with the full scale sales promotion.

I call these pre-sell pills. Before the sale you need to make a pre-sale. Establish credibility. Get the prospect excited about your upcoming product. The word ‘pill’ suggests making these things ‘easy to swallow’. Small bite size pieces that move the prospect towards accepting the validity of your full product offer.

You could select some pre-sell pills from existing assets that you’ve got. Perhaps you have several cool articles about the marketing campaigns topic that you can combine and edit into a special features report or whitepaper to give away on an opt-in landing page.

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