10 Mind Controllers

Here is a modern application of the ancient art and science of controlling your Will (commonly known as ‘will power’).

“The education of the Will is the object of our existence”. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

WARNING: You will need to slow your mind down now to concentrate on the details on this page…

…So take a deep relaxing breath — and start with…

Assagioli’s 7 Qualities Of Will

Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974), author of The Act of Will has some impressive credentials:

He was the first Western psychologist to seriously incorporate religion and spirituality into an overall view of the human psyche, and founder of Psychosynthesis (an outgrowth of Freud’s psychoanalysis).

Assagiolo Identified what he believed to be the 7 qualities of Will…

  1. Energy – Dynamic Power – Intensity
  2. Mastery – Control – Discipline
  3. Concentration – Attention – One-Pointedness – Focus
  4. Determination – Decisiveness – Resoluteness – Promptness
  5. Persistence – Endurance – Patience
  6. Initiative – Courage – Daring
  7. Organization – Integration – Synthesis

I read his book The Act Of Will and realised my own research was similarly categorised. … I then spent a lot of time exploring them… and finally, I arrived at a different configuration that I call…

The 10 Mind Controllers

(All of Assagioli’s 7 qualities of Will are contained within the structure of the 10 mind controllers, plus much, much more.

In the Success-Matrix Secret Principles Handbook I identify 3 absolutely fundamental keys to conscious life:

1. Clarity
2. Mindfulness
3. Manifestation

Through Assagioli’s research, I realised the components of Will fit within those 3 keys.

Under the Clarity key exist the 3 mind controllers: Responsibility, Perceptivity, and Individuality.

Under the Mindfulness key exist the 3 mind controllers: Integrity, Commitment, and Surrender

Under the Manifest key exist the 3 mind controllers: Discipline, Power, and Effort.

The 10th mind controller is Transcendence. By the nature of Transcendence it does not fit under the 3 keys.

Here is a mind-map demonstrating the relationships:

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To finish the full puzzle picture…

  • First: Recognise that despite our individual view of what success means, success is the one thing that we can agree on that we want.
  • Second: Aristotle identified that Happiness (however you define it) is the purpose of life. And I haven’t found anything more worthwhile or valuable than that!

And there are 3 experiences that deliver happiness:

  1. “My lifestyle supports my ambition.”
  2. “I am emotionally filled with wonder, exhilaration, equanimity, and love.”
  3. “I am growing and creating that which I value most.”

Those 3 components of achieving happiness can be achieved through the Application and Development of Your Will.

This is represented by the following diagram in which the arrows point in the direction of causality.

The diagram shows 3 arrows that enter from the bottom which come from the 3 keys as above.

Click here for the completeĀ 10 Mind Controllers Diagram pdf.

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