New Time Management Skills

Has anything new been discovered in the 80 year old field of Time Management Skills?

I’ve been through them all. Psychology magazine articles. Blog posts across the Net. Even the latest books in the store.

No. In fact, nothing is new in Time Management. And almost nothing has been new for years.  Instead, I finally realized that I was falling into the same trap of putting a new spin on old time management techniques. And it made me feel sick to my stomach to think that I was struggling just like the next man to really get to grips with my time.

My natural time management skill was dormant, but I knew it was there because I remembered it from my early days. By that I mean my childhood.  Children possess enough passion and enough unflinching desire to get what they want, that they simply go out and do it.

But Time Management Techniques for adults come from the likes of David Allen and Brian Tracy. Unique authors that bring together powerful systems and modern approaches.  But even so. They still were missing the right ticket for me personally. I wanted natural time management in all areas of my life.

But I was determined to continue evolving my work beyond today’s standard and, whilst not perhaps becoming child like again, certainly reestablish my former youths passion, with my hard learned wisdom.  I was an author after all. A personal organization expert. And I had conducted a unique 30 days self exposure time management seminar with great success.  I was going to get to the bottom, the very roots of existing time management techniques, and I believe that will let me find something truly new.

My notes are being compiled and I will give the results to my time management subscribers.  It’s been a couple years now that I begun teaching how prioritizing by importance was destined to failure, despite being a wildly popular time management technique.

You’ll see articles on time management telling you to prioritize by the ABCDE method.  A’s are of course top priorities, the most important things… things you should do first.  Then come the B’s and C’s.  Trouble is, there are always some A’s, so when will you ever get any B’s done? Let alone the C’s.

In fact, these old time management techniques only worked for business managers in industrial manufacturing days.  Or possibly for those today lucky enough to be in top positions with hordes of mid-level managers who they can Delegate to.

But if this method of prioritizing by A’s, B’s, etc. does not work, what are we left with? Is there really something to learn from how children approach the day?

Time Management Techniques are obsolete.  Prioritizing by Importance does not work. Simply dropping your effort of getting these old techniques to work and just going with the flow will probably produce just as good results, whilst freeing your anxiety of failing with impossible time management training.

There is still some good in time management training of course, but just not very much.  I like the work of David Allen.  He taught me to do something immediately if I judged it can be done in 2 minutes or less.

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy taught me to do the hardest most repulsive things on my to-do lists first, before tackling the easier things.

But still there is a lot missing.  And I’m looking for it now amongst all my past notes of time management systems picked up over the past 8 years.

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