The Offer. The Message. The Delivery.

Ex-senior marketing manager reveals…


[dc]I[/dc]f a 510% increase in conversion rate would be welcome in your business, this page should be of utmost important to you.

Here’s why:

In July 2007 (a month before the credit crunch hit the UK), I beat an ad agency’s marketing campaign  for their key financial client account by a whopping 510%!

In a head-to-head split test, their promotion (with excellent design and compelling pictures that are typical of ad agencies) pulled in a respectable 10 new business leads… yet my plain-looking long copy advert (with only 1 picture) pulled in 61 leads.

A 510% increase. And it was easy.

Here’s my secret.

You see, all I needed to do was apply 3 crucial ingredients that I am going to give you on this page — but please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not one to brag…

I’m a very humble campaign planner and copywriter. I rely on the proven direct marketing methods discovered and refined over the past hundred + years by the greats of copywriting and direct marketing.

Truth is: Creating a winning marketing strategy, and developing strong copy, is a painstaking process…

I wade through a mountain of research and apply a detailed copywriters process to carefully piece together a new winning combination.

To learn the process yourself, be my guest. Get a copy of books (and archives of winning adverts) by the likes of John Caples, David Ogilvy, Victor Schwab, Eugene Schwartz, Rosser Reeves, Joe Sugarman, Drayton Bird, and Bob Stone. I’ll also introduce you to my recommended resources for learning copywriting further in the FIIM course.

If you don’t want to spend time on that, I might be interested in your project personally so you can outsource the work to me.  Check out my copywriting services mini-site for details of how to get me involved on your projects as a copywriter. Alternatively, and probably the best place to start if you do not already have your own product to sell, do affiliate marketing and promote other people’s products where all the copywriting is already handled for you.

Regardless, you need to know this 3-part ‘secret’ that let me confidently beat agency campaigns — which I also applied over 3-years in two senior marketing management positions. With this insight you can judge any potential opportunity of your own, including how to choose worthwhile affiliate products to promote too.

“The 3 Crucial Ingredients
That Significantly Increase Campaign Performance”

Of course there is a fine art to all this, but the gist is to combine these 3 components for your own marketing strategy.

Ingredient 1: The Offer

There are 4 insights required to structure a solid offer…

1. Business insight

It is critical that your marketing campaign be in-line with your business strategy and company vision.

Only put money into marketing that will have an integrating and consolidating effect on your over all business objectives. Otherwise you can chase too many different things at once and thus reduce your effectiveness in all areas because you are spread too thinly.

Also, do not think of any one promotion as a be-all-end-all. Be sure to have ideas for upsells, cross-sells, and back-end to maximise profitability from any opportunity.

Admittedly, this is not easy to do, but will improve with experience by applying the full SIM6 program.

2. Market insight

What are the opportunities and threats in your market place today and the foreseeable future? Disruptive innovations. Competitive threats. Buyer trends. Etc.

Don’t make the mistake that I made initially of doing a bit of keyword research and thinking that I had discovered a gold-mine, only to discover several years late that I had made some simple yet devastating mistakes. No wonder my product hadn’t been selling well!

The Market Research section of the SIM6 Matrix will give you an advantage when it comes to gaining market insight.

3. Prospect insight

Your ideal customer profile: A customer that you can service for the long-term with various up-sells, cross-sells, or repeat-sells.

  • What are his greatest dreams and aspirations with regards to the product category?
  • What are his greatest fears and frustrations with regards to the product category?
  • What (if anything) does he already think and believe about the product category?
  • And what objections might he have for using it?

With this diligent background information we can create strong product positioning.  Take the time to brainstorm on paper what you believe about your first prize target prospects, and then go about finding evidence to refine your view.

4. Product insight

Now we look at the normal stuff: What is the basic product description? What is its value? Why is it special? Why should Mr Prospect buy that product rather than your competitors alternative? How effective and reliable is the product? What will it help your prospect accomplish? What assurances does he have?

This brings us to…

Ingredient 2: The Message

What is the most effective way to make your marketing message SO compelling that it:

Grabs Mr Prospects attention…

…Stirs his emotions so that he sticks to it like loctite superglue all the way through to the end…

…convinces him that not getting access would be a lost opportunity for significant personal gain…

…And has him eagerly reaching for his credit card to place his order or completing an information request form on your website…

Remember, effective sales copy must…

Engage the reader. Fully demonstrate the gain offered by the product. Handle potential objections. Deliver social proof in the form of credentials and testimonials. Pinpoint the USP (unique selling proposition). Make the product benefits incredibly compelling (yet believable). Match with the prospects beliefs, frustrations, and desires. Remove the risk (with quality assurances and guarantees). And compel immediate action.

You really have 3 options:

  1. You can learn copywriting (takes a lot longer than you might think or hope) (if selling your own product)
  2. You can hire a copywriter (if selling your own product)
  3. Or you can use affiliate marketing to promote other people’s products for a commission whilst THEY go to all the hard work of preparing the sales copy, which makes your job much easier by simply introducing people to the affiliate product sales page.

If you want to do affiliate marketing effectively, then you do have to learn some copywriting, but my one biggest tip is to keep it simple, friendly, conversational, and opinionated. Don’t try to please everybody. Just tell it like you see it.

But before we can decide on the exact messaging, we need to consider…

Ingredient 3: The Delivery

funnelWhat is the best combination of promotional tactics for delivering your offer.

The diagram shown captures the link between various winning strategies for where traffic comes from and what happens to engage that traffic and convert it into profits.

Again, this is covered in detail in the SIM6 Matrix.

The following 3 phases help clarify The Delivery:

Placement and Traffic– online using social media, search engine optimisation, paid advertising, affiliate program. And offline with print advertising, direct mail, flyers, inserts, billboards, posters, press, radio, etc.

Content and Fulfillment – sales letters, white papers, brochures, case-studies, newsletters, eshots, advertorials, blog posts, landing pages, webinars, etc.

Follow-up and targeting – via email, snail mail, sms, phone, in-person, etc.

Putting it all together

Where the rubber meets the road…


And the results…

danDaniel Lew owns stakes in multiple East Asian and Australian businesses, including his own advertising agency, living a dream lifestyle in Thailand where I first met him in early 2006.

Here’s what Dan said in August ’06 about my work with him up to that point, where we had focused on lead generation for his agency clients.

Hello Gav,

I need to write to tell you that I can’t thank you enough for all the online marketing tools and strategies you provided me with in order to really be noticed in this highly competitive Search Engine Placement and Online Advertizing industry.

Something you don’t know is that I have already been in the advertising and online business for 12 years.

Seeking some profitable guidance from leading experts in SEO and highly useful marketing strategies is when I came across you and very quickly I started to benefit from your unique online marketing system.

I am seeing some amazing SEO results, not to mention being on the first page of Google under so many useful keywords that relate to my website and sites that I have put together for my customers.

Along with the ever increasing amount of enquiries with an online business that is really profiting in such a short time.

Your tips on […] I’ve used to get some awesome results and without this I don’t know how I would have succeeded.

I also wanted to give you a personal thankyou for the idea of rebranding my identity that was also in the pipeline, and the choice of domain name that was going to most suit.

I cannot thank you enough for the guidance leading to my success.

Daniel Lew

PS. You can certainly expect to see me as a long term client.

So get to work planning out your Offer, Message and Delivery, and you are now primed for access to the SIM6 Matrix. Enough talk. Time for action.


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