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Operations Audit

Performance Management elevates managerial effectiveness to maximise output from human resources.

But do not seek to tie down your resources to specialised operational functions…

“build fences around people and you’ll get sheep”… “build walls around organizations and you’ll get a coffin”

Effective yynergy in teams depends not just on processes, but on a human approach to performance management.

Organizational Analysis

McKinsey 7S Model introduces 7 ‘soft factors’ as the basis of performance management success, and gives a framework for change management.

The central 2 hard factors on which the other 5 connect.

  • Strategy
  • Shared values

The other 7S facators:

  • Skills
  • Style
  • Staff
  • Structure
  • Systems

I can recommend you research further into the 7S model for performance management.

    Stay tuned…
    …to the most important updates on genrating demand in the experience economy as it’s published. 

    Stay tuned to the most important updates on generating demand in the experience economy as it is published.
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