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Revenue Performance Management

Phil Fernandez excellent book ‘Revenue Disruption’ details the how and why of Revenue Performance Management through innovations in Marketing Automation.

One gratifying passage reads:

“…It’s not about having the best tagline or most exciting creative materials. Marketers have to think like a publisher who is tasked with creating consisent, relevant content for every stage of the revenue cycle. When it’s done right, this approach produces daramatically better results than traditional marketing techniques that rely on interrupting the customer”

If you want to consolidate marketing processes with a view to full revenue cycle insight (how to build the sales and marketing funnel with confidence at every step and produce reporting metrics that senior management will drool over) then get this book.

Stay tuned…
…to the most important updates on genrating demand in the experience economy as it’s published. 

Stay tuned to the most important updates on generating demand in the experience economy as it is published.
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