Personal Strategy for Career and Lifestyle Development

The new world economy has forced us to gain broader skills, learn super fast, increase global awareness, expand our network… and much more.

And that’s just to keep your job and maintain a normal career progression.

But there’s more opportunity than that for you. Much more.

Here’s why:

The old structures of career development, business and politics are changing. (kinda obvious but few professionals really know how to harness it for their advantage).

Under increasing pressure, you are expected to achieve more for your company, with less budget, less resource, and less time.

And a new breed of professional is rising.

The New Professional (NP).

The NP is quietly laying the foundations for rapid success when business converts from old accounting structures focussed on restrictive efficiency, to new performance structures based on open innovation and maximum effectiveness.)

There is a way to join them…

Imagine a network of new breed professionals, with access to short-cuts that can rapidly accelerate your career for higher status in your organization, more involvement with the projects that interest you, and even greater global profile.

In my 10+ years in investment banks and companies including Vodafone, Xerox, even the UK’s National Health (Disease) Service… plus marketing agencies and other professional service firms…

…I learned from the best and the worst of what happens in organisations both large and small… capturing insider knowledge and processes for things like:

  • Marketing communications
  • Business development
  • Client services operations
  • Project management
  • Productivity
  • Organizational development
  • Resource management
  • Accurate budget management
  • Small business marketing
  • And even ‘boss management’

And believe me, you need to know it all.

You can cherry pick from this websites 10-years of carefully constructed leverage points for the modern professional to rapidly progress your career and personal life with far-reaching advantages…

…from professional development and business growth strategies…
to the dark arts of subversive public relations and global-agenda innovation.

If you can demonstrate ability more accurately and more efficiently than your peers… if you can talk the talk and walk the walk of senior management… if you can spot market trends to position your career or your companies product at the right place at the right time… you can rise through the ranks into higher paid positions with more power, more money, more opportunity.

But you do have some ground work to do.

  • If you’re young, you will learn how to bypass your seniors for higher positions
  • If you’re senior, you will undoubtedly learn how to keep the young mavericks like me from winning your chips. And I welcome you here because it’s not the age that ‘s important, its the maximum utilisation of our own personal strategic assets for remaining competitive in today’s digital planet.

At 25 or 55, you need continuous skill development, for survival and for satisfaction.

Your reward?

A rapidly advancing career by taking advantage of nifty short-cuts for success in the new economy, to become a self-leader… whilst many others around you lose their professional jobs and take up junior positions — or flip burgers for a living.

As a New Professional (NP), your route to success, power, and contribution will be far easier with the leverage points available on this site that will turn your constraints into advantages.

Whether for personal success or directly for career success, there are…

7 Dimensions Of Personal Strategy

  • Having the drive and focus to asking lots of questions, find and honestly consider the answers and then act decisively on the your judgement (dimension 1: attitude)
  • Set the underlying currents of your career and life direction by aligning your deeper values with with a career development plan that grows with you (dimension 2: direction)
  • Organizing your environment and career to serve you (dimension 3: space)
  • Managing your time to create rapid success (dimension 4: time)
  • Mind Control techniques for maximum personal effectiveness and achievement (dimension 5: thought)
  • Synergy and team management methods through collaborating with other people for leverage (dimension 6: social)
  • Contributing values for business and personal profit through influence (dimension 7: community)

And it begins and ends with how productive you can be.


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