Professional Development

What do you want to be famous for?

If you have a deeply held conviction of your purpose, then your professional development will accelerate.

What precisely is it that is going to make you special (or even more special) in the marketplace over the next few years?


1. Productivity

If you can’t manage yourself, you won’t be able to manage anything else.

The Preparation section of this site explains the 7 top productivity secrets of top performers.

2. Relationships

Your ability to collaborate and influence across diverse networks – both personal and professional.

Through teams you plan, prepare, and control ever wider and ever more efficient areas of value creation and contribution. Get a Training Guide For Your Team’s Performance.

3. Skills

Apply ‘business-like thinking’ across all areas of life.

In terms of professional development, this involves strategic decisions on what product to get behind, what market to target, what team to join, strategies and tactics, processes, innovation, networking, response to market trends, order fulfilment, product creation, after sales service, customer acquisition and retention – and so on.

The main site navigation gives you access to the 6 Component New Professionals Matrix for short-cuts to professional innovation.


In terms of your personal life, ‘business skills’ are about managing and maximising your personal adventure.

4. Experience

Let’s not lose sight of the wider world that is out there with near limitless possibility for the New Professional. From high quality work environments, to global career opportunities, and lifestyles of every description.

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Your professional development depends less about what you know, and more on what you can do.

  • Interviewing clients or prospects effectively
  • Wining their trust and confidence
  • Diagnose their needs
  • Ability to listen and ask careful, sensitive, penetrating, pertinent questions
  • Ability to change mental gears quickly to continuously evaluate and reshuffle priorities
  • Bounce back ability – no good days, no bad days

Whilst knowledge can for the most part be transferred in writing (such as this site), professional skills come from practice and real-life experience… picked up through apprenticeship.

The coaches attitude: I am not trying to train them to do, I’m training them to think as I do’.

A professionals time can be divided into five categories:

  1. Administrative and financial matters
  2. Doing professional (billable) work
  3. Personal marketing and selling
  4. General client relations
  5. Dealing and talking with senior professionals and staff

If you had an extra day per week to spend on increasing the success of your team, what would you do with that day?

The most common answer is ‘spend more time with my partners’.

Doing what?

Following up on planned initiatives, motivating partners, cheering them on, solving problems and conflicts, holding small-team meetings to develop action plans, and discussing strategies.

Then why dont you spend that day a week?

Too busy…

Here’s to every possible advantage in our modern lifestyles and unfolding global careers.


Continue with the Preparation section, visit the Personality Development page, or proceed on to the Research section.


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