3 questions your customer asks before they buy

When planning a marketing promotion, consider these crucial areas of question that must be answered to your prospects satisfaction before they will make the decision to buy or act.

  • Is it desireable?
    • The Problem it solves
    • The Solution is promises
    • Uniqueness it provides
  • Is it credible?
    • Explanation or Story
    • Proof elements
    • Objection handling
  • Is it worth it?
    • Risk reversal (remove the inherent risk)
    • Value (opportunity cost and payoff)

Let’s take it step by step:

1. Is it desireable?

  • The Problem ? What problem faced by your prospect does your product address? What is the prospects biggest problem or frustration?
  • The Solution ? How can you describe the solution your product provides in a compelling way? What does your product do for the prospect? What benefit does it provide? What pain does it remove for them?
  • Uniqueness ? Why should the prospect buy YOUR solution, rather than your competitors? What’s better about your product?

2. Is it credible?

  • Your Explanation or Story ? How can you drive home the pain of the problem and joy of the solution through a story or case study that bonds with your prospect?
  • Proof ? How can you logically or experientially demonstrate the validity of your proposed solution? How can you prove that your product does what you promise that it can? (Has it worked for your clients? Has a similar product worked for anyone? Can you “borrow” proof from another product or person?)
  • Objections ? What questions, concerns, and barriers may your prospect have with regards your offer? And how can you resolve them?

3. Is it worth it?

  • Risk reveral – Making it easier to say ?yes? is the goal of risk reversal. It?s the perceived risk and not price that keeps your clients from moving forward. Eliminate the risk and the client buys. What assurances does the prospect have about the products performance? What guarantee does he have?
  • Value – Is it worth the money and time to get and use your product for the perceived benefit to be gained?

Explore the details in the Conversion section of the marketing matrix.


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