Self-Leader Poem

My Life Poem – for all you materialists, spiritualists and contextualists…

I don’t ask you to agree, or even fully understand.

But I do ask you to consider.

You see…

I near the end of many months traveling – from ‘West to East’ some might say.

Yet today I finally arrived – fully present I realised a new beginning…

Of deeper feeling, wider acceptance, shallower attachment.

I’m done with it; the end of the journey. Yet I need it all, every bit – a new beginning.

I’m both filled with awe and dread; willing to admit it.

Such contradictions?


“All is Material” (spiritual teacher Gurdjieff) yet “Everything is Energy” (new ageists)

It all depends on how you look at it…

…just as “all truths are but half truths”.

Along my travels I have met such remarkable people…

Each one convinced THEIR way is the BEST way, even if not the only way.

Here is my way, in a cosmic nutshell…

Christ? Zoroaster? Big Buddha? God?

God is love… God is nature… God is The Limitless Beingness 😉

God is not separate to existence, right? Alas: You too are pantheist after all; face your truth. But wait, there’s more:

Sit in silence and pay attention. After a time, secrets of the universe will roll in ecstacy at your feet.

What is that? Unable to brook the silence?

Indeed, many fill the void with noise. Take your pick, choose your poison… organized religion, new age mysticism, political activism, materialist escapism… spiritualist absorption…

Can you hear me? Do you see all sides of the triangle?

Inside my body resonates a conflicting flow of energy. I feel it. Stirring my gnostic soul towards the heavens of business-like creativity in effectiveness and efficiency with the unbridled flow of love tempered by justice.

As said Voltaire” “écrasez l’infâme”, crush the evil. Although I can’t stand French. It’s the accent…

The world we experience is a projection of self?

Yes, and how narcissistic (self centerred)…

Indeed… Autodidactic (self taught) and autopoietic (self created)…

But get this:

…Real education, or ‘educare’ in the latin, means ‘to draw forth’ from within.

So let there be light from within to illuminate the darkness without…

In such insights rise the modern relevancy of ‘God’, Lucifer, the morning star, the bringer of light, for the purpose of illumination, i.e. gnosis (knowledge).

But to know and not to do is not to know. So knowledge really means ‘to create’. That is God’s power. To know god means to be the creator. It’s not rocket science folks!

Creation without meaning is, well, meaningless… and nothing is worth the building if it does not build the man. So we reflect on the VALUE of our creation. Human biological, psychological, emotional, spiritual values…

Solve problems where they do exist. Don’t create problems where they need not exist.

Such contours the experience of life’s purpose within The Limitless – all comes from it, and all returns to it… just as the pendulum swings.

But once nature is obeyed it can be commanded, and once you grasp your Archimedian lever, no longer does the pendulum’s law override your own Intent.

Nothing will return to the Limitless, for entropic death of the universe will be averted by Child Zon commanding “Let There Be New Baby Universes!”

There in resides the job I have to do; as do you.

“To do what thou will shall be the whole of the law”.

So follow your bliss; pleasure yourself. Find entheos (the root word for enthusiasm) which in latin means ‘in god’ or ‘like-god’. Yes that’s right, pleasuring yourself by maximising enthusiasm means ‘to be god like’.

So take all that you can from life. Don’t tip-toe through life hoping to make it safely to the other end…

For the end of life is death. It really is. Be honest.

Death is a re-birth only as metaphor. A ‘passing over’ from one state to another. (The kingdom of heaven is within!) But physical death is death (probably once and for all).

Yet physical death is banishable only in this new era with super rapidly advancing new technology… by biomedical science bringing biological immorality.

Happiness Forever! Eternity filled with Awe, Peace, Discovery, Excitement (thus happiness is codified)

Think! Not old-think; Neo-think…

* Find Clarity of Intent through responsibility, perceptivity and individuality.

* Build Mindfulness of Intent through integrity, commitment and surrender.

* Take Action of Intent through Discipline, Power and Effort.

Counterbalance your internal conflicts. Contradictions may abound in human experience yet they do not exist in reality. Check your premises.

To savor the world or save it. To be the change you want to see in the world.

Consider the ‘battle of the sexes’. Mars vs Venus… Man needs Woman? Woman needs Man? Now there’s an unreasonable contradiction that boggles the imagination!

Her yin to my yang. If she can handle it! … Alas, I know that she can…

May I be good enough when she takes my hand.

But for now I reach another end for fractals in consciousness swirl beyond measure… until words become meaningless and chasing after the wind.

But regardless of your take on it, we need but agree on one single solitary idea.

And that is this:

There shall be no initiation of force in the new age.

Let me repeat:

No initiation of force.

That is the Prime Law. Learn to recognise it.

For it approaches on Chariots of Fire from beyond the promontory.

Indeed, we stand now before another ‘final’ precipice. Only pip-squeak Politicians stand in the way.

“A Single Credo for Neo-Tech Self-Leaders: Direct every thought, every discipline, every effort toward the overthrow of the parasitical-elite class — toward the eradication of every livelihood that harms the value producers, the economy, and society.” – Frank R. Wallace, Zonpower

May our time be the great end time. With the chance of biological immorality, an entirely new dawn cometh. A new golden era of life eternal.

How do we get there you may ask?

As if by magic… by effecting change in conformity with will via destruction, deconstruction and transcendence – primarily in and of our self:

Read carefully now the 7 Dimensions of Manifestation:

First, awareness of choice… then comes direction of purpose… followed by preparation and organization… leading to efficiency and management… then control and adaptation…

Then socially: Through synergy and collaboration, then finally contribution through influence.


“May we gain the time needed to succeed.”

March 2011, written in 2 hours, plus 30 years.

Continue with the New World

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