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Minimise Your Marketing – For Maximum Punch

You’ve got budget.

You’ve got projects.

You’ve got targets.

You’ve got… a huge pain in the butt.

Marketing Management is not for the feint of heart, is it?

Those baffoons in higher management really have no way of comparing a lead-generating social media marketing program from a creative brand advertising campaign.

But they sure know how to put on the pressure.

Actually, I don’t think you should be so hard on senior management.

There is a way to make them giddily happy with your marketing performance, whilst educating them under-the-radar super quickly so that they actually support the growth of marketing in all directions.

The key is minimalism.

And that’s YOUR responsibility.

Look, if you have 7 marketing projects, each takes 2 months to complete, and you’re working on all of them, it’s going to be months and months before ANY of them complete, right?

But if you could laser focus onto just 2 projects, you’ll be enjoying the performance results of marketing projects much much sooner.

How do you ‘laser focus’ your marketing project selection?

Create an integrated marketing road-map – that’s how.

Marketing Minimalism

Squeeze out enough space on your daily schedule that you can plan. Stop chasing your tail.

Planning for prioritization and resource allocation is what differentiates the drowning marketer from the promoted marketer.

I learned that the hard way.

You’ve got to fight your corner, because you know best. But you have to present your case well.

  • Start from your USP (a cross-over between your core competencies, business strategy, current product portfolio, and competitive positioning).
  • Extend to your target audience.
  • Capture your ideal prospects profile.
  • Discover where they hang out.
  • Consider what value proposition would attract their interest.
  • Build a promotional pipeline.
  • Open the floodgates of traffic getting one-at-a-carefully-selected-time.

Select the projects that will leverage and lift your genuine current marketing bottleneck.

Want help with any of it?

I have a network of contractors I can recommend. I am also sometimes available to help with campaign planning, and also direct response copywriting (my first passion in marketing).

See my Copywriter For Hire page for more or download my white paper ‘how to select your next copywriter’.

Marketing Plan

Work in (slow) progress to be expanded..

Here is the general outline that I have used to develop several marketing plans.

I. Introduction

Poignant statement about the nature of the marketing plan

II. Executive Summary

Underlying assumptions

The idea scenario…

Key constraints include…

Questions for research include…

Objectives of the plan

Establish what?
Develop what?
Optimise what?
Support what?


1000 True Fans.

III. Situation Analysis


Sales (history/budget)

Strategic Markets

Key products

SWOT Analysis

IV. Marketing Objectives

Sales turnover

V. Marketing Strategies

Product development

Price structure

Lead generation

Web presence


Search marketing (SEO/PPC)
Email marketing
Social marketing
Referral marketing (Affiliate marketing / JV)

Offline (and traditional)

Space media
Broadcast media

Competitor research

Campaign optimisation
Customer Acquisition

Sales funnel

VI. Schedules


VII. Sales Promotion

[ ]

VIII. Budgets and P&L



IX. Performance Management

Sales metrics
Event monitoring
Online lead generation metrics

X. Appendices


Competitor research
Product development
Segmentation and targets

Email info
White papers

Sales scripts

Stay tuned to the most important updates on generating demand in the experience economy as it is published.