The 7 Petals

The Flower of Being has 7 petals
reflecting all aspects of your psyche

A flower blooms in its fullness with creative life force. Open and Beautiful.

Displaying its colours, curves and dimensions.

It grows from the nourishing Sun and Soil.

Your own fullness of being unfolds via the purification of your Self, Soul and Ego.

7 petals on the Flower of Being lead you through that journey of spiritual ascension.

Mastering your own creative life force and becoming the infinitely beautiful and empowered person you are meant to be.

Combining spiritual and personal transformation with creative expression and human nature, through a layering effect of opening like a flower into full bloom, the seed from within unfolds into the fullness of being.

Reflecting on each Petal’s brief introduction here sets the perfect stage for exploring each of the 7 petal’s more deeply…

First comes CHOICE to build awareness

A fundamental choice to focus on reality, honesty, opportunity, responsibility… or irrationality, negativity and laziness. Truth be told, it’s a hard choice that each of us must face every single day, in almost every moment. Should I or shouldn’t I? Will I or won’t I?

Second, you move in a purposeful DIRECTION

Clarifying your life’s meaning, purpose and direction and moving in the clear direction of your dreams for maximum fulfillment. Opening ever more to the wonder and wild expression of personal value, meaning and significance as you guide your life direction for maximum fulfilment.

Third, you bring ORDER to any chaos in your environment

Getting organized and prepared in all areas of life so that you can capture every opportunity that supports your life direction. Bringing order out of the daily chaos of modern life, your computer files, your project ideas, your living space, all ordered appropriately for maximum positive living experience to support your spiritual quest.

Fourth, you pursue PRIORITIES with passion

Designing your destiny by prioritizing all areas of your life: responsibilities, ideas and desires into sensible-sized projects so you can focus on the right things and get them done fast. Identifying the movements and rhythms of life for a natural approach to time management that fulfils your quest to manifest your hearts desires into reality.

Fifth, you bring HARMONY to mind, body and spirit

Developing ever more clarity, mindfulness and creative willingness, you control your mind to break through all limitations and purify your mind-body connection for creativity to flow throughout your life. Harmonizing the mind, body and spirit to eliminate procrastination and confusion while building your capacity for higher performance and success.

Sixth, you SYNERGIZE with like-minds

Achieving and experiencing more than you can by yourself through collaboration with like-minded people to leverage your own efforts and create a shared experience greater than the individual parts. Feeling gratitude and building empathy as we all transition from old world restriction to collectively creating new world freedom.

Seventh, you CREATE and give your ultimate gift

Having built up your capacity in each of the previous petals, petal 7 is about giving your gift to the world in whatever field suits you best: science, arts, and/or business. Contribute maximum value by finally losing the ego into full absorption of pleasurable creativity… achievable only through a strong self-responsible ego and individual integrity built in the initial Petals on the Flower of Being.

Of course, you will progress through the Flower of Being only to the extent you are ready. Go easy on yourself but go swiftly. There really is no time delay. For time is life, as they say.

All the yoga, chakra opening, activist blogging, career pursuits, or artistic expression serves either to hold you to the past or free you into the future. Starting at Petal 1, it’s your Choice.

Depending on your own personal application of the Flower of Being and the degree that you can stay on track, you ride the waves of becoming the person you are meant to be. Developing harmony with all parts of your being and all that surrounds you: your environment and community.

Single word labels for the 7 Petals:


Are you ready to explore each petal, its textures, shades and dimensions?

First purifying and evolving your inner world. Becoming the person you were always meant to be. Then manifesting your ultimate vision by giving your unique creative gift to the world outside of you.

Nothing is taught here. Only reminded. Everything becomes revealed: from broad basics to piercing specifics, about life, you and the universe.

A highly practical and rational unification of creativity, spirituality, productivity and success that can free you from the binds of the past.

An operating system for the human psyche.

It begins with the most difficult choice in life.

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