The Intimacy Code | Report

How A 28-Year Old Lighting Consultant Went From Chronic Anxiety With Men To Happily Involved When She Realized…

The Key To A Man’s Heart Is
NOT ‘Through His Belly Or His Balls


lady-kitchenContrary to popular belief:

You can not satisfy a man’s basic pleasures to make him fall in love.

Fun and friendship is not enough for commitment…

Yet, many women dive into relationship heart-first — only to find out sooner or later the man is emotionally unavailable…

And it doesn’t have to be like this at all.

There is a way to nurture deep emotional connection without confusion, heartbreak or wasting time.

After all..

…Shouldn’t it be easy?

Isn’t love something we all crave?

Yes, even for men…

So why is it so hard to meet, attract, bond, and maintain a fulfilling, connected and resilient relationship with today’s modern man?

The Answer Is Not More Dating Techniques Or Relationship Rules

The answer is hormonal.

Of course: We don’t typically think of men as ‘hormonal’.

But they are… because the human body works hormonally. Such as ‘oxytocin’ which stimulates our bonding emotions.

And YES: men are way more emotional than you might think.

Let me explain…


Blacktie Event, back in 2008

Hi, I’m Gavriel — an emotional male — although most women I’ve dated wouldn’t think so (more on that in a moment).

I’m also a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and licensed heart-coherence coach.

In 2014 I stumbled on a breakthrough to male dating psychology with the help of my landlady.

It all began while coaching her for 4-months to help with her chronic dating anxiety.

Her transformation quickly led to a quality relationship (and last time I heard over a year later it’s still going strong).

It took me almost a year of evenings and weekends to organize the notes I had made during that intense coaching experience.

I realized things about modern man… including myself… that I had never considered before.

I explored current brain-research and hormone differences between men and women.

And the result?

An easier path to what I call ‘authentic intimacy’, proven in the real world.

It pinpoints…

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Five Phases Of Emotional Involvement In Modern Male Psychology

…finally allowing you to develop a deeply authentic bond.

These five phases divide into 20 precise elements that give you gentle control over early-stage dating, all the way through to deep emotional intimacy:

Where both you and he feel supported, respected, and connected

A scientifically valid breakthrough for modern relationships — radically improving your chance of finding authenticity in today’s world of social media, online dating and weak ties.


How Does It Work?

It works by guiding almost any man you choose into a level of emotional intimacy at a pace that works for both of you.

Without resistance. Without fear of regrets. And without superficial ‘for fun-only’ getting in the way of something deeper.

It lets you hold ultimate power over male psychology by giving men a sense of ‘holiday romance’ that they never, ever want to end…

…While developing a deeply intimate bond, that you as an empowered modern woman, have sought for so long.

I call it…

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The Intimacy Code

A deep-dive inside man’s mind on sex, love and relationship


The Intimacy Code puts you in control of a man’s emotional process while allowing authentic intimacy to grow between you.

Without creating emotional doubts or conflicts.

It works by giving him five emotion-based experiences, over a period of time, taking him on a journey of intimate discovery, including:

Loving Harmony, Sexual Satisfaction, Romantic Bliss, Commitment To Authenticity, and Honoring Differences

It works even if you are:

  • Just getting back into the dating game perhaps after healing since a past relationship.
  • Or feeling a little ‘older’ for modern dating or finding a new soulmate.
  • Perhaps pessimistic about your prospects of finding a suitor within today’s fast-moving impersonal dating scene.
  • And EVEN IF you feel you’ve tried absolutely everything!

Men drop their guard as soon as you apply the code. Allowing them to welcome an instant deep connection.

The Intimacy Code finally gives you the freedom to:

  • Let go of lost love from the past and open again to new opportunity.
  • Be your own best matchmaker – rather than getting pushed around by online dating or local hookup venues.
  • Approach men in a way that lets you go at the right pace for both yourself and for the man.
  • Approach emotional involvement so you avoid heartbreak and confusion — and not risk scaring him off.
  • Build a dependable partnership based on integrity without the conflicts that so often break hopeful relationships apart.

…allowing you to achieve loving harmony, quicker and far easier than you’ve ever believed possible.

ic-cover-gActivating the five steps of the intimacy code IN THE ORDER THEY ARE GIVEN, will bring you more opportunity for true romance than you’ll ever have time for…

Making it both fast and easy to go from a string of relationship failures in the past to authentic heart-felt connection with as many quality men as you can fit on your calendar.

Or at least enough to find that extra special somebody.

Because you’ll finally know the hidden emotional triggers in a man’s mind for nurturing open communication and passionate commitment.

Allowing modern man to open up and share his most sensitive, guarded, private and personal beliefs about himself and his life — bringing you the authenticity you deserve.

I edited my notes into a comprehensive step-by-step system, recorded as an audio program with workbooks, to help you digest the material and easily keep track of results.

The 5 Module Program (details below) Gives You The Exact Steps A Man Goes Through Mentally & Emotionally To Nurture His Authentic, Lasting, Intimate Connection

Each Module Is About 1 Hour Of Listening,
Reading and Thinking Time

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Start Of The New Online Class Is About To Begin — Dates Announced To Subscribers

Register Below To Receive An Early-Bird Special Today.
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Program Description

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Module 1: Where Intimacy Begins

Opening To Love’s Celebration

First comes Celebration: What does man most want to see in you to let them know there might be a potential match for authentic intimacy between you? With this insight you’ll be crystal clear on how to get things headed in the right direction for both of you. Phase 1 is all about you. The way you celebrate life.

  • How to meet men so they see you as a truly empowered and respectable woman to be taken seriously.
  • Foundations you must establish in your self and your life before reaching out to modern man in the hopes of attracting genuine intimacy.

Module 2: Setting The Tone

Pair-bonding Through Vital Connection

The second phase is Vital Connection: This phase connects you to a man’s deepest self-identity.

To know each other on a deeper level of respecting similarities and differences. This builds a solid platform for relating to each other in romantic relationship later in the sequence. For modern man, emotional involvement does not come from having fun together or from chemistry, it comes from Vital Connection.

  • Why the common approach at inviting intimate connection only communicates to modern man that you are either emotionally needy, a gold digger, just for fun, or disrespectful about a man’s true needs in relationship.
  • How to speak with modern man when dating so he feels comfortable opening up to you without hesitation or resistance.
  • How to spot the ‘oinkers’ and the ‘duds’ from the true potentials before you get too emotionally entangled.
  • And more.

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Module 3: Approaching Love

Dating Dynamics To Ignite His Love Spark

The Third phase is the Love Spark: This is where love begins to take root as he opens to you emotionally because of how you treat him. Here your lives begin to align together while also giving each other space to be your own individual selves.

  • How to make ‘fun’ a meaningful aspect of your fledgling relationship once he starts becoming emotionally invested.
  • The one topic you absolutely must cover with him to lead him into truly opening his heart to the potential of love between you.
  • The final trigger that will spark his love for you — and the exact moment when to use it for sustainability.
  • And more.

Module 4: Opening The Floodgates

Becoming Emotionally Entangled

Phase four is the Big Pay-Off: Where you finally achieve that sense of loving harmony you long for that comes from deep emotional trust, sexual romance and open communication.

  • The one thing that modern man craves to give you… and take from you… (no it’s not sex or virginity) and the manner in which you can use it to the benefit of mutual pride for heart-felt intimacy.
  • Sex in phase four becomes deeply meaningful based on the combination of two emotional experiences described in this module.
  • And more.

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Module 5: Nurturing Ever-Deeper Connection

Where ‘commitment’ comes from in male psychology

The Fifth phase is the Spiral Effect: Intertwining your lives together while maintaining healthy boundaries that allow you to be who you are, more completely than you can alone.

  • Why men pull back during early stages of intimacy and how to use that to your advantage so that he springs back more emotionally invested in you each time.
  • 7 types of harmony that modern man recognize in relationship and where to put your focus to keep things fresh, authentic, and passionate. 
  • And more.

With these exact step-by-step insights, you gain total clarity about men’s psychological needs. He’ll no longer feel alone in the world. He’ll feel whole and complete because of you.

The Intimacy Code is by far the easiest way to understand how men approach commitment.

Results come with ease too… taking all guesswork and uncertainty out of dating when your purpose is authentic intimacy.

If you are ready for the REAL TRUTH about men’s mental & emotional process for falling and staying in love, here’s what to expect from The intimacy Code:

Realistic Rapid Results

The first person to be taken through the entire Intimacy Code suffered from deep confusion and chronic anxiety about men, dating — and even her own value as a romantic partner.

After coaching her one-to-one for 4-months I created an outline of what we’d covered and she wrote to me saying:


Then I got this delightful message in October 2015:

That’s when I knew I had to publish The Intimacy Code.

And it can do the same for you.

If you want the power to help men move past their fear of relationship failure, and create such a comfortable emotional dating experience, that he can’t imagine being so at peace and so stimulated by any other woman… then this course isn’t just an option…

It will finally give clear direction to love’s buzzing energy trapped inside.

You’ll also feel confidently fulfilled right now without the urgent anxiety of finding a soulmate prematurely.

The Next Three Weeks Will Be Life Changing

Each week you will receive the next parts of the course along with a workbook and visual-map.

Simply listen to the mp3s (a little over 30 minutes per module) while reviewing the visual-map, and then fill in relevant parts of the workbook.

This combination will make the material crystal clear, stick in your mind and immediately applicable to your love-life.

It Costs Far Less Than A String Of Failed Relationships

What you’ll gain from The Intimacy Code course would cost hundreds of dollars in a weekend seminar, and it would be worth it. However, due to the cost efficiency of providing an online course, your investment in the complete Intimacy Code 3-week course is much less than that (with an early-bird discount announced during the first three days of registrations).

Additional one-to-one coaching is available with the program creator and qualified coach Gavriel Shaw.

Each Module Is About 1 Hour Of Listening,
Reading and Thinking Time

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Start Of The New Class Is About To Begin — Dates Announced To Subscribers

Register Below To Receive An Early-Bird Special Today.
A significant saving on the regular $147.


YES! Send me early-bird options without obligation

Our choice to open to love is one we make every day — even every moment. The power to meet a partner who is capable and worthy of authentic connection is in your hands.

Wishing you romantic bliss,


P.S. Let me ask you this: How much does dating cost you? Outfits, hair and nails, etc? Self-education is the route to resilient relationships, not self-pampering. What about the cost of time ticking by without a partner? Take this course and discover how to attract modern man for more fulfilling, enduring and meaningful connection.

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“I am very very impressed with the content. I can’t even imagine how life changing it can be for a woman. Only now I see how important [this is] for building connection…” – Anna

“Where were you in my earlier life. Everything you say is like a band aid but such a good one… I feel like ‘oh that makes total sense’ and I feel good about it. Seriously if I was rich you’d be my life coach for life! Unless berry smoothies are your thing…” Liz

“I really feel the difference in how I see men and women in a lot of type of relations between now and before our 4 month communication. It was SO helpful!” – Ella

At the start of relationship coaching Mandy wrote:

“I realize I’m just too lonely. And I’m finding that I have to occupy myself more often to stop feeling this way. Ugh! …Oh gosh! I feel embarrassed about all this emotional feeling.” – Mandy, Before

After our coaching she wrote a testimonial saying:

“It’s ironic how I discovered myself on a deeper level. I always thought I was a better person and understood my self. Boy! I was wrong. I was a bit skeptical about someone coaching me. I wondered “how can someone from a distance understand me and help me”. What happened next was extraordinary and beyond what I was expecting. Right now, I think I can tell someone that I know what love is. Now that I feel I’m accomplishing some part of my life, I am thrilled to work on my next step.” – Mandy, After


Why wait for lady luck or serendipity?

Now is the time to find out how to reach modern man’s inner code of authentic connection.

Claim A New Destiny Today With The Intimacy Code

Take The New 3-Week Course For Authentic Intimacy With Modern Man