Goldratt Video | Treasure Trove of Theory of Constraints Video’s

TOC.tv (http://www.toc.tv) provides dozens of Theory of Constraints videos including coverage from TOCICO conferences.  YouTube has plenty of Goldratt Videos.

The TOC Newsletter gives one or two videos every week, such as this one from February 09 with Eli Goldratt on today’s economic ‘meltdown’ and the Theory Of Constraints in which Goldratt explains the key constraint of business in 2009 was not in the market.  It was in the policies and processes internal to a company.

The Video identifies 2 focus points:

  • Communication between levels (vertical)
  • Synchronization between functions (horizontal)

The above video on the economic ‘meltdown’ also describes Goldratt’s position on…

Strategy & Tactics

Alluding to the Strategy & Tactics Tree of the Theory Of Constraints, he identifies a model for understanding the distinction and use of strategy and tactics.

  • What is strategy? The answer to the question ‘what for’?
  • What is tactics? The answer to the question ‘how’?

Both questions are asked in each instance. Both strategy and tactics are defined together as a couplet.

Strategy is thus not a ‘long-term’ view compared to a ‘short-term’ view which is often thought of as tactics. Instead, each view, long, medium, short, micro, or whatever, has both a ‘what for’ and a ‘how’, both strategy and tactic.