Web Copywriting for Online Website Marketing

Copy for the web can be highly succesful in various formats.

In part, it depends on what is being promoted.  The ‘personality’ of the product or service or action that your web copy needs to stimulate.

Some good web copy is short, often for ecommerce sites, online catalogue copy, etc.

Some good web copy is long, such as financial advisory newsletter offers, or other information products.

How long should your web copy be?

Only a skilled web copywriter can answer that.  And even then, only by actually testing different variations of the copy.

[widget id=”ad-continue-marketing”]Ad: continue-marketing[/widget]And that’s the beauty of online copywriting.  The website environment makes split testing so much easier than offline testing.

Explore the rest of the site and particularly the main copywriting section for inside information on web site copywriting.

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