Website Marketing

Your web presence is a key part of the way you attract customers and/or deliver products.

This page shows a clients highly profitable website for which I directed a new better converting site design. And we will cover more projects for Web Presence Development as part of the Traffic section.

Web sites

The design of your website must relate very closely to the Positioning and Conversion process that we will cover next in the Conversion section, and from what you’ve learned in your research.

The homepage design was as follows, before I started working with them.

(I’m not a web designer or devloper per se – I bring in the principles of direct response marketing, create and agree a remodelling with the client, and then the companies web developers build the new site).


As you can see, it had quite a bit of white space, small greyed out navigation bar, and corporate standard heading of ‘welcome’.


Here the design is not just smarter, but includes the initial loan quote form and loan repayments calculator to immediately show the website visitor exactly what he is looking for which increased conversions.

We also have direct response copy elements such as testimonials on the right hand bar, and a better headline ‘The Difference – Are you a homeowner in the UK?’ which pinpoints and grabs the attention of the companies target prospect.

We also shifted the site navigation into a vertical tab design inside the websites banner area.

My take on webdesign

[widget id=”ad-continue-marketing”]Ad: continue-marketing[/widget]Always make sure to think of your web visitor first, before fancy-smancy graphics, flash animation, etc. The goal of the website is to generate leads and sales. Not to show off.


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