The world is not as it should be. Not by a long shot. And we are all at fault...

15-years of varied professional experience revealed the many faces of a global hydra-headed snake of superficial consumerism. Populations living to die. 

In the 21st Century... we can do, have and become so much more! 

My Work... 

Tech Startup Growth

After 15+ years professional experience in product and marketing, I am piecing together a strategic framework for tech startups to minimize risk and accelerate product-market-fit from pre-revenue through to scale.

An honest marketers mission in today's geopolitical climate is to enable values-based consumer experiences that authentically support health, wealth and happiness for all. Marketers are powerful spin doctors. Buyer beware. (Read more).

Crypto Evangelism

Digital Transformation and a new Internet of Value is quickly emerging out of cryptocurrency / blockchain scene. 

Blissful Productivity for Self and Teams

There are shortcuts to productivity, but each of us need to meet certain conditions based on our uniqueness for a perpetual state of productive bliss. 

[coming soon]

Living Forever

Yes, living as flesh and blood for as long as it suits our happiness to do so — augmented by any and all tech that can enhance our health and wellbeing. Curious? Let me explain.

An Abundant Sci-Fi World Starting Soon

By removing certain very specific restrictions to human ingenuity, we can (and I believe will) very soon enter an entirely new global dynamic of solving lack and limitation in every sense as we replace the old world with futuristic tech that builds abundance. Take a sneak peak at

Earth's Survivor:
A Short Story

The damage done by politics is near-impossible to fathom. My 1998 short story with additional commentary is my best attempt at communicating the impossible. 

Authentic Intimacy

Sex, Love, Wealth, and Power. These are cornerstones of human life. Here are a few thoughts specifically on the path to authentic intimacy in romantic relationships for our time. 


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October 24, 2018

On Coaching, Conversation and Courses

I have many interests and have explored various areas of psychology and philosophy. A holistic life is a multi-dimensional experiment. Creating space for personal transformation is a passion and I believe is vital for humanity's evolution. 

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Learnt more about digital marketing from a 1hour meeting with Gavriel than my whole first year at uni #impressed

Lottie Richards, 2013

"I finally got my restaurant business up and running. Thanks to you and Neo-Tech” 

- thechef

"I am busy working on the [project] thanks to the info you sent me, a great help thanks. Still to be kept secret, I think you have hit a nail on the head with that one." 

Lee Holt, UK

Gav! Ive been using your method to organize my website. It’s brilliant. thank you for that!

Caz Coronel

"As a certified Life-Coach, with a degree in Marketing and Advertising... [project] stood out for me - Gavriel's tone and use of language makes each sentence a pleasure to read...I'm compelled to read on, clicking on every page, and wanting to find out more!"

Kelly E, 2015, Relationship Coach

I used your [________] sales page as a template to re-do mine and my conversions doubled!

Anna White, Site Owner

My email address gets hammered with spam and worthless offers, but your products are worth 100, 1000; maybe even a million times anything I’ve seen advertised in my email inbox.

Curtis Ah Shay, Subscriber

Gavriel, You are the best sales copywriter ever!

Dan Lew, 2010, Serial Entrepreneur

I'd say what Gavriel doesn't know about online marketing/SEO/SEM isn't worth knowing. A true knowledgeable & enthusiastic professional!

Than Kine, 2008, Video Consultant Lead, Google, EMEA

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