Gavriel Shaw

Introducing supercivilized vibes to Earth since birth.

“We are all blind until we see
That in the human plan
Nothing is worth the making If it does not make the man.

Why build these cities glorious
If man unbuilded goes?
We build the world in vain
Unless the builders also grow.”

— Edwin Markham


Previous courses are now being prepared and updated for publication. I'll announce them via my substack newsletter.

My Projects

Eco-Village in Mexico

Camazotz Cohaven is a place to enjoy nature, build community experience, push your self to whatever limit you care to test, and explore your sense of adventure.

Product & Marketing  Solutions for Startups

Cyclic Media, Inc. provides masterclass education for startup strategy... product management, fundraising, and  community development.

Research cooperative for the Singularity

SingularityHaven Is A Global Cooperative Sharing Our Transition Into The Technological Singularity (2025 - 2045)

My Story

After traveling ~50 countries over 15 years I finally found home in the middle of the Mexican Jungle where I am working to form a 300 person cooperative (  — a new centre of Mother Earth — with a goal of maximizing human vitality. 

I work with change-makers through startup incubation (, live events, private conversation, content and hard work.

It all began for me at age 16... when I read a modern manuscript revealing an ancient code inspiring me eventually to launch the SingularityHaven ( for a new age of mankind...


Newsletter & Podcast

What can we be sure about?

I cover trending topics by rejecting the confines and comforts of the status quo, pushing the envelope on what is thinkable. Things are most certainly not as they seem.

Welcome to The Shaw Report 

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