At age 16 I read an obscure philosophy that galvanized my personal values.

Immortality. Romance. Freedom.

At age 18 I experienced two straight weeks of natural high where I felt so aligned with myself and so in harmony with my surroundings that life felt blissful.

I came to call it Productive Bliss — and I’ve sought to create and sustain the conditions for productive bliss throughout the rest of my life to date.

Ultimately that state depends on being able to choose your life experience without compromise to anyone else.

And that depends on profound intellectual honesty, stoic discipline, and rugged individualism.

Carving your own destiny. Not being beholden to anyone. Collaborating through a transparency of shared and mutual values and interests.

And yet…

“Coercion presses corruption on the brow of consciousness” said the author of that secret code that I gained access to at 16.

That is, social pressure, the threat of political force, the lack and limitation we have due to mistakes that bind us or opportunities that escape us due to the burden of responsibilities caused by a failed global system.

Somehow life doesn’t feel ‘fair’ and yet we must perform the magic trick of simultaneously accepting 100% responsibility for our destiny.

I am way behind in my personal life vision, yet making progress in ways that I know align with my values and ambitions.

So I press on, just as I’m sure you do too.

Join me in this adventure for maximum vitality, maximum leverage to create positive value for self, loved ones, and all.

Mankind is transitioning. This decade of 2020 to 2030 will see paradigm shifts in technology, geopolitics and finance that will test our resilience and resolve.

If the status quo is just as abhorrent to you as it is to me, we could be friends.

I seek success within a world that seems at once so bizarrely sick on one side and so majestically beautiful on the other side.

As one of my favorite quotes puts it:

“I wake each morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor it. This makes it hard to plan the day”

EB White

The more aware we become… the more crazy the world can seem. Awareness of evil can test our sanity — yet we achieve success by focusing on positivity.

Choosing which side we lean in to (pessimistic awareness vs optimistic positivity) will make or break the future.

We also need a new cultural shift that pinpoints and utterly rejects corruption in every corner of society (politics as usual, corporate fraud, taxation without representation, green washing, and more), rather than tolerating it by turning a blind eye.

Hence this is just as much a call to arms as an intro to who I am.

Life Experiences

Early Childhood

Not great. Broken home. Dysfunctional family. Yet I remember the zest for life felt as a young boy. My early childhood inspired me to pursue holistic health. My dad (a naturopath) had a cartoon poster of Superman holding 2 plates of food. One with junk food. One with healthy food. This instilled in me the concept of choice.

Teenage Years

School sucked. Lessons were boring. I learned more reading books at home than I did attending standard schooling. I read books from my parents shelves on all sorts. Philosophy, spirituality, counseling, religion, and more.

Early Adulthood

Successful job moves led to higher pay than my peers. Disgust developed for the corruption of politicians. I published a series of personal productivity courses. I read ancient human history looking for clues to mans current psychological distress and a torch that could illuminate a path to mans potential brighter future.


Starting in 2006 in South East Asia for 14 months, I eventually travelled around 50 countries totaling some 15 years. Observing and absorbing the worlds cultures from big cities to tiny villages.


Starting in digital marketing at the earliest phase of the Internet, leading to a professional career in companies and agencies mixing product management and marketing. Always seeking a career that could provide the leverage for living true to my values and support my interests. Not easy. Eventually, web3 and decentralized governance emerged as a key focus.


I have seen more through my travels than most see in a lifetime. At the time of writing in 2023 I am living on 45 hectares of jungle property I just bought, wondering what on earth to do with my time during this current decade of geopolitical mayhem…


Immortality. Happiness. Contribution.

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I’m often questioned on how I can work in marketing for ‘the corporation’ of consumerism which apparently is devoid of humanity…


Understand that business means ‘value exchange’, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s what a moral society is based on.


Yes of course today’s world is in a shambles: political power, unnecessary poverty and neurotic psychology.


Business is the solution…

I spend my days plotting and scheming to influence the rise of a new world based on the 3 P’s of Globalisation: protection, pleasure and profit.

A better world built through business value creation, marketing innovation, and social responsibility beyond political agenda.

My own ‘art and creativity’ is a ‘systems focused approach to demand generation for business through user-centred service design’.

By exploring this site, whether you’re a startup entrepreneur and technologist or an academically educated socialist, you’ll discover a powerful conclusion.

A new world is coming. A world of health, wealth and freedom.

Gavriel’s biography highlights…


  • Will perform Frank R Wallace’s Symphony of the Universe at the age of 100


  • eCommerce Director (consulting) to a Direct Marketing Agency
  • Direct response copywriting for an amazing client
  • Health, Beauty and Anti-Aging eCommerce business takeover as Operational Director


  • Author of the Mayan Calendar for the next 6,000 years: ‘opportunity mixed with challenge’.


  • Service Design through Digital Marketing with Sabio (customer service contact centre solutions)


  • Facilitator of Life Direction and Productivity workshops internationally
  • Re-launch of Survival2020.com Collaboration project (with contributing authors from various fields)


  • Start of 20 months travel: 14 months across South and Central America then 6 months in Canada
  • Author of the white paper: Invisible Team Performance
  • Author of the white paper: Marketing Project Management
  • Creator of the 7 Meetings for Invisible Team Management
  • Affiliate marketer achieving top 7 position in a large product launch
  • Freelance copywriter including Theory of Constraints client and US mailing house for whom I created a multi-part mailer for a new memory supplement


  • Head of Marketing for DbGi Email Service Provider
  • CIM Postgraduate Marketing Diploma
  • Trained in Emotional Freedom Therapy
  • Author of the white paper: ‘Exposing the link between your marketing success and your copywriter selection process’


  • Initiated the marketing department for Digital Look (financial services) until parent company integration
  • Creator of the 7 Steps of Organizing program


  • Creator of the Life Direction Clarifier program
  • At Fuel-It Marketing: SEO Manager (achieving position 3 in Google for the keyword ‘Loan’) and Copywriter (beating the agencies top client email campaigns by 510%)
  • Author of the white paper: Maximum Team Performance, version 1


  • Author of the Missing Principles of Mind Control Handbook
  • 14 months travel in South East Asia
  • Freelance marketer and copywriter
  • Author of the Neothink Implant Report (for Neothink readers)
  • Creator of the InstaTime Natural Time Management System


  • Senior Presentations Developer at ING Barings, Xerox, Vodafone


  • Author of A Life of Magic


  • Desktop Publishing Operator at Merrill Lynch


  • Back-office Admin for Prebon Marshall Yamane (money broker)
  • Freelance website marketing


  • Author of Folderarchy – organize your life using your computer
  • Freelance website marketing, SEO and email copywriting


  • Bulletin Board Marketing on AOL


  • Acquired Neo-Tech Power!


  • Learned mind-mapping from my dad and Tony Buzan


  • Born in the countryside
About the Author

Gavriel Shaw has published a range of content since the late 90s, always searching for leverage to break the status quo.


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