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Life Direction Clarifier

Why motivational guru's can't give you the solution. And how I stumbled on...

A Practical Life Direction Compass That Lets You Confidently Develop Your Life's Meaning & Purpose

by Gavriel Shaw

On this page you will find:

  • The 3 keys to a meaningful life direction.
  • How to successfully combine career development with your personal interests.
  • An Ex self-help junky's top recommendations for what’s really worth your time and money (and what to avoid like the plague!)
  • The secret to knowing with 100% certainty what your true life purpose really is that will bring you the greatest possible happiness.
  • My own personal journey and the things I discovered about changing Life Direction.

You have found this page because you are looking for a change in life direction.

That could be for many reasons, and it could mean a very different thing to you as it does to me. But by making my own personal journey public I know that you will relate in principle, and agree on the solution that applies to anyone wanting change.

My story of life direction begins at age 15...

“When I grow up, I’m going to be a Business Man… No wait, a Lawyer… no a racing car driver! – Yeh!”

I went through quite a few occupational fantasies when younger, and I’m sure you can relate to that.

At 18 I found myself working in the London Investment Banks earning more money than any of my friends… But the banks were a major bore, so by 21 I was in the health industry. By 22 I was in the construction industry as a marketing executive. At 23 I was back to the investment banks ('cos they paid better).

I picked up quite a few insights about changing career direction, but I was still dissatisfied… What do I really want to do with my life? I asked myself many times.

In between all that ‘official’ work I was attending public speaking clubs… trying my hand at mail order marketing… taking courses in life coaching and emotion therapy… plus reading quite a bit on politics, philosophy, health, etc.

What I haven’t told you yet is that I was absolutely obsessed with ‘getting and being organized’.

Now let me explain exactly how I discovered the answer to life direction

How A ‘Small’ Difference In Attitude Between Two Sisters Led Me To Discover The Only Lasting Solution To Life Direction Success

I was very good friends with twin sisters back in High School…

We used to chat about life, career options, and future plans.

One of the twins went on the path of standard personal development. And the other twin leaned more towards my own major interest… getting organized and being ‘in control’ with practical life.

Recently, we met up as part of another little High School reunion. The twins were still quite alike, and much the same as I remember them. Happy, passionate, fun.

But there was a difference.

One was in a very well paid Journalism career which she considered her true calling in life. The other was working as a local secretary for a small property company, and was not satisfied at all.

What Made The Difference?

(Can you guess which one focused on ‘self-help’ and which focused on ‘being organized’?) 

Have you ever wondered what really makes the key difference for someone ‘going through the motions’ compared to someone genuinely fulfilled by their life direction and success?

It clearly isn’t about having goals, or even persistence, because persistent people often persistently fail.

So like I said, the twins were much alike. But the difference lies in what each of them persisted with.

One focussed on standard personal development. You know the stuff… goal setting, motivation, self-help, Tony Robbins, etc.

The other focused on organizing her life around what she wanted to accomplish, aligned with passion and purpose.

And I’ve since come to understand that both of those areas are like the…

2 Sides Of The Coin For A Happy Life Direction

Let’s call them:

  • The inner game of emotional balance and optimism.
  • The outer game of organizing our life practically around the things that we really want.

Which one is more important?

Most people go for the ‘improving one’s inner self’ stuff.

I discovered that such people usually forget or don’t know how to organize their life to actually ‘turn their vision into reality’.

I decided to ‘interview’ both twins, and work with the more successful one to develop a 3-week plan that would help anyone to improve and clarify their life direction.

Well those ‘interviews’ really opened up my eyes to exactly how to rapidly change or improve my own life dirction..

And soon after this, I was so effected by it, that I quit my professional career in the Investment Banks of London UK and went travelling – so I could see more of the world, have more time for me, and work on these ideas of Life Direction.

Here’s what’s happened to me when I began developing the Life Direction Clarifier in 2007:  

Right now I’m writing from an exquisite beach in Thailand, (Sea Side Bungalows on the island of Koh Samui).

Here’s a snap from a path leading to the beach:

I’ve been traveling this past year in South East Asia, working on my own personal career interests via laptop. 

Yes it’s been a ‘dream’ – One that I easily and quickly turned into a reality by getting more organized with my life direction.

My bungalow is just a few feet above the sea (yes I can hear the lightly crashing water at night).

You know why I’m showing you this right?

To boast!

No of course not.

To show you that your own life can be drastically different… all of a sudden.

Even if you don’t believe it right now. Belief doesn’t matter. Only proof does. 

And that’s what I intend to give you. 

Before Thailand I was working my way through an Investment Banking career.

I quit to go traveling and work on MY ladder of success instead of my boss’s.

I have recently employed a full time assistant to begin doing many of the tasks of my business projects (that I don’t want to do myself anymore).

It’s all part of my new Life Direction… to do, have and be everything I want in life.

Not all things go my way. But everything is flying in formation, my personal growth is joined at the hip with my career development, and my social life fits in perfectly.

Except for the sun burn, everything is sweet.

8 Feb 2007, Koh Samui Beach, Thailand

The Big Question That Exposes Your Life Direction

Now please pay attention to the question I’m about to ask. 

(If you miss it’s true meaning, you might end up like the slower and less successful twin).

I assume that you have read some things to help you improve your success:

What kind of tip is more useful for your long-term success? The motivational inspirational bits, or the practical things you can actually use to accomplish something?

Not exactly sure of the answer?

Consider it this way:

If you wanted to learn how to drive, would you be more interested in listening to other people talk about what it feels like to drive (for inspiration), or would it be more sensible to get some actual driving lessons (practical action steps)?

The practical lessons right?

Of course…

So here’s a big secret:

Self-improvement is needed to develop your motivation and discipline only where you have difficulty actually getting stuff done in physical reality.

BUT if you have a good way to organize your life direction, then you won’t need so much inner discipline and motivation, because it will just simply be so much EASIER to accomplish things – and you’ll enjoy the progress you make.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

And it’s important because THAT’s why my twin friend who focused on ‘organizing her life direction’ has become more successful than her sister who focused on the struggle of ‘improving her self’.

“I’m still working my way through… having a great effect on my consciousness and actions. There’s something amazing about writing all the details down. The rest of me, even the inert parts, just seem to ‘magically’ step into line and after that initial input of hard thinking and planning, all the disparate parts work together to make the action steps seem easy. In fact, they are easy.” - Craig Trafford, Music Teacher

And we’ve bottled it for you. In a 3 week step-by-step plan. All you have to do is just slot the plan into your life and it will instantly redirect your life in the direction you most want to go.

The reviews I’ve had have been fantastic:

“Your principles and techniques go very well along with Napoleon Hill’s and complete them….. and I’m following it to the letter. So far so good.” - Israel David

The 3-week Life Direction Clarifier will give you an unforgettable and permanently useful tool for continuously developing your personal life and career. 

And I will personally work with you via email whilst you put the 3-week plan into place.

What would this be worth to you?

“Things that you said in it are starting to sink in at a deeper level.
I have been paying more attention to the blocks that disempower me.
And now I see the huge importance of some of the questions you ask in that first webform.”
- Caroline Coronel, Musician and NLP Practitioner, London UK

Life Coaching can cost a lot.

And the Life Direction Clarifier has taken years of gradually piecing all the bits together from my work with clients over the past 6 years.

Which means I did think of pricing this at $97 which I felt would be reasonable). The twin said ‘just make it as low cost as possible so everyone can afford it and benefit’. 

So for right now you can get the entire Life Direction Clarifier package for just $27.  

Seeing is believing, and even though you make payment now you only need to decide on keeping it after you’ve followed the process over the next 3 weeks.

Why am I making this available for such a low one-time cost of just $27? 

Because this way I know it’s an easy decision for you to make to atleast give it a go, and I am on a mission to get people away from standard personal development and give them what really will make that lasting diference to your life direction – A complete plan to organize, prepare, and succeed at clarifying and stepping in to your ideal life direction.

Plus… I’m going to GUARANTEE your satisfaction.

If you are not completely blown away by how much the Life Direction Clarifier helps you… then I INSIST you send my helpdesk an email saying something like ‘no satisfying improvement – refund requested’ and you’ll get a fast refund of your purchase price. No hassles, either. I very much doubt you’ll want to lose access to my updates, but at least you’ve got the risk-free peace of mind.

I can’t be fairer than that can I?

You must claim your package right away, however: Because I’ve been advised this system is so powerful that I need to put money into making premium quality video recordings, at which point I will have to raise the price considerably.

You risk nothing because of the money back guarantee, and you have the chance of a genuine improvement in your life direction through combining your personal development, and interests, with your career development, along with getting other bonuses totally FREE. 


I urge you to take the next minute to get registered and access the Life Direction Road-Maps Workshops immediately. 

I wish you every success,


PS #1. The Life Direction Clarifier could mean the difference between more days of not being satisfied with where your life is going, compared to taking maximum control and breaking out onto the direction of life you really want to go in. This plan shows you exactly how.

PS #2. If you find any time during the program that it’s not working for you, just drop an email to my helpdesk and you’ll be rushed a full 100% refund, and we’ll still be friends. No hassles over it at all.

PS #3. – As soon as I create video versions of the Life Direction Clarifier the price will jump significantly. I therefore urge you to act now while you can get the package at the lowest possible price. See the Gift Certificate on the order page. I reserve the right to end this discount at anytime without warning.

Feedback on the Life Direction Clarifier

> “I’m really getting my teeth into the process you’ve set up.
> At first, your activities can appear to be tedious and ‘demanding of too much commitment’ – but that’s the mysticism kicking in.
> I’ve experienced this writing down the details and getting under the surface as a huge release…
> If you make this stuff any simpler and easier for people you’d be doing it for them”.
> Craig Trafford, Music Educator.
> “Gav, the webform was on the money! It forced me to write and think about my goals for your course and made me impatient to start. So, thank you for reading my Web Form submission.”
> Dolores Lawrence, US
> “Downloaded the stuff a couple days ago. Great work. Just the exercise about life’s purpose is very impressive. I have been struggling for some time now and this looks to be a great help.”
> Barry Martin
> “..I keep reading all of these crazy books talking about writing down goals and such. My favorite of all time is The Science of Getting Rich.
> For some reason my ego thinks that it seems too easy, too good to be true, you know. To just get a clear vision of want you want.
> I find it hard to really focus on my objectives. Usually, I get glimpses of them, during a certain song or something, but never for long.
> The questionnaires are a project. I seem to be able to get to deeper states of focus when I do the questionnaires.
> I need to live my dreams, and the questionnaires help me focus on the goals and the steps to complete them.
> Thanks Gav, great stuff!”
> Darrell Thompson
> Your 7 steps has got me motivated.
> Your illustration of the current reality point and how necessary it is to understand it finally made a piece of my personal life jigsaw fit into place.
> Having read it just today, I took a break, went to the library and tried a little experiment. I wrote my desired realities and my current realities.
> Immediately I could s e n s e the creative tension between the two. Brilliant.
> But, more than that.. It makes me think I can do it .. I can achieve my desired ends because now I intellectually understand the Structured Tension facts and can emotionally feel them too.
> …that was the missing piece for me.
> And you’re right, I feel somewhat lighter now. Calmer. And have more faith in my capabilities. thank you. Craig.

>“Wow, I think I’ve just amazed myself! I’ve started adding bits to my Road-Maps, everything seemed to just flow out – like I knew exactly what points I wanted to put down.
> I’ve put them up on my wall now. I can feel the wonder already.
> It feels so good to write these things down. I’ve always wanted it all to be structured, and it fits to do it like this.”
> It’s so great having the Life Direction Clarifier which has made my life so much easier and enjoyable!”
> Shahana Yasmin, Basketball Coach, London UK

The Life Direction Clarifier

A Practical Life Direction Compass That Lets You Confidently Develop Your Life's Meaning & Purpose

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