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The Reset Button — Push Daily To Enter Your Productive Bliss State

Re-balance your outlook and dissolve negative emotional clouds or attachment to distractions in seconds. 

High self-awareness comes at a great cost.

The sensitivity you develop, the deep desire to help many people, the challenge to find time just for your own inner self-discovery…

Clarity of choices available to us as well as clarity about the choices that we do make are absolutely crucial to becoming the person you are meant to be.

The most incredible people in my life are the open souls that dig deep to achieve genuine self-discovery…

…despite the overwhelm and anxiety it can bring.

Awareness brings greater appreciation of our own limitations which leads to great sensitivity…

  • Like the layers of an onion you wear different masks of emotional habit.
  • And like the sway of the ocean your energy and focus changes like the tides…
  • You want to develop emotional depth and clarity to empower you towards positive choice and action…

Yet the world we face all around us isn’t an easy one for soul searchers to look closely at.

Sometimes the difference between our results and our outlook weighs us down.

Sometimes we simply don’t know what to do, where to start, or how to resolve our current situation.

It was certainly this way for me…

And I’m not saying I’ve stumbled on the magic bullet that ends all sense of overwhelm, frustration, pressure or uncertainty…

…but after a 2-week experience of extreme natural highs, I knew what sense of clarity is possible.

Those 2 weeks happened 13 years ago. 

After a Decade of Searching 

I can now release a simple and reliable practice that re-captures the essence of that incredible experience.

I became crystal clear on what was holding me back, causing me pain and what I actually wanted to experience.

The friends and clients I’ve shared this approach with are delighted with its simplicity and results.

And I hope that you will be too.

If this works for you like it has for everyone I’ve personally shared it with, this is going to make a huge difference for you.


The new Honor And Edit Your Outlook (HAEYO!) program combines my experience in senior business management, 34 months of mind-expanding global travel, and my experimental nature with all of the new-age, spiritual, personal growth, business productivity, iPad apps, gadgets, ideas and techniques.

I woke up one morning with the idea of using a simple whiteboard and sticky notes using some old proven techniques I’d been using for years, but with a twist.

Here’s what I created that morning:

The first thing this technique did was help me get super clear on what was happening in my life right now.

It immediately gave me a more solid base of insight from which to progress than I’d ever felt before.

Isn’t it true that to make the most significant changes and improvements with your inner self and outer life, you’ve first got to get crystal clear on what’s happening at your core?

HAEYO! gives you a simple approach to get maximum visibility on your top concerns… your niggling little unfinished issues… and the fastest possible route for improvement – in a stimulating and visual way.

I’ve re-produced the format into 2 template files that you can print and complete with pen...

…although using the white board with post-it notes feels a lot more free flowing, fun and creative.

Whichever method you choose, the program I’ve prepared demonstrates both.

Stress just seems to melt away at a very deep level using the HAEYO! practice.

Despite the tiny price, this program can make a big impact for anyone willing to put it to use.

With just 2 guided exercises you’ll finally have a process that will forever guide you to connect with your inner core.

From there, you really can balance and control every dimension of your life.

You get access for just $10. The price may raise significantly when I add video demos and customer examples but the technique is explained exactly as I use it right now.


  • The easy-read course with example pictures and full explanation of the technique.
  • Printable templates you can use to fill in the blanks. 

HAEYO! now,


PS. The epiphany you’ll have on your very first use of this technique is well worth the price of admission. Please take action and you’ll see the results instantly.

The Reset Button — Push Daily To Enter Your Productive Bliss State

Flick the switch for productive bliss every day. Honor your current life experience then edit your future outlook to create new experiences you most value.

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