5 sólidos platónicos del yo

5 sólidos platónicos del yo

The 5 platonic solids are geometric shapes that Plato used to describe the elements of reality and that correspond to alternative explanations of the elements of existence, most famously as ‘earth, air, water, fire and aether).  

Each has a distinct vibrational resonance reflecting in the shape-form that it creates and the subsequent physical qualities that it has. 

Here is how they correspond with the 5 Petals of Self as per the Flower of Being. 

1. Water = The flow of Will that finds its way through the path of least resistance to fill every crevice available (CHOICE through awareness and intention)

2. Fire = The dance of passion in seeking direction on an outward trajectory from source (DIRECTION through meaning and purpose)

3. Earth = The material plane of the physical body (ENVIRONMENT through physical space)

4. Air = The free flow of flexible moment-to-moment course corrections and adaptations (PRIORITY through time management)

5. Aether = The substrate of the spiritual mind (HARMONY through the mind-control of volitional consciousness) 

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