7 botones de felicidad

The 7 Buttons of Bliss

ONE: Your Renewal

Express your inner sensibilities to identify what gets you down and what lifts you up. Prepare for change, encourage change and embrace change. Simply commit to activating your bliss through choosing to focus on the pleasures of being and letting them flood your life in every corner. 

TWO: Your Satisfaction

Truly deep and soulful satisfaction comes from connecting with your core values and moving towards your ideal lifestyle experience. Set sail on a new course of direction with each phase of your life’s journey. Open to the possibilities. Explore, experiment, discover.

THREE: Your Playground

Indulge your senses. Tickle your fancy with toys. Form a playground of pleasure around you that lets you press all of your buttons of bliss. Shut out anything that reduces your fulfilment. Bring in anything that increases your fulfilment. Design your destiny by continuously improving your overall environment. 

FOUR: Your Priorities

Create time for joy. Prioritize your fulfilment. Manage responsibilities, opportunities and hobbies to maximize your long-range happiness. Indulge in gratitude, appreciation, reflection and gratification. 

FIVE: Your Centre

Take time to harmonize your mind, body and spirit. Check in with yourself regularly. Accept and release any tensions. Breathe deeply from your belly. Invest 5 minutes in silence. Do yoga. Exercise. Meditate. Eat healthy. Drink water. Sleep well. Read. Be selfish. Get centred. Be your truest self. 

SIX: Your Scene

Be with those who bring you opportunities for blissful indulgence and liberating release. Form a circle of support, a network of naughtiness and a tribe of togetherness. Involve the brave, the willing and the able to participate in your pleasures, from travel to art, music to food, seminars to sex. Whatever it is that can share moments of bliss. Be open to invitations. Reveal that you are enjoying yourself. Make connections at every positive opportunity. 

SEVEN: Your Gift

Find out what makes other people tick. What they value, appreciate, care for, want and need. Give it to them. Contribute. Create value in other people’s lives. Add positive experience where you can. Be selfless. Seduce. Support. Satisfy. 

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